Sunday, February 28, 2021

Mixed Results and March OMG

I tried a few goals for February, of which I have mixed results.  I'll be back to a OMG for March. 

I didn't make masks for my nephew - but that was because in-person schooling has been postponed.  The fairings fix is  also on hold - it turns out my sister's kayak is in better shape than mine was.  I need different material to patch them, which is on order.

I have at least started the Sculpey project.  I may actually finish it today, too.  My biggest challenge will be how to prop it up to cure.  And, unfortunately, I won't publish the finished work until Christmas.  Sorry!  

I did focus on my next big quilt.  I'm still toying with the idea of an Icy Waters variation, but it's not talking to me.  Instead I have another pattern that is telling me would be a better fit (creative process is such a strange thing).  Regardless, I started buying the jewel-tone color.  My friend is big into red and cats - so when I stumbled across the red cat batik (across the bottom), I bought what was left on the bolt! 


I completed my stack of checkerboard squares.  Yay!  They need to be sewn into 4x4 squares, but I don't want to do that until I get the HST blocks done first.  And that is March's goal:  I need to sew a stack of 80 HST.  


But before I can make the HST, I need to pick a background color.  I started with black or white and liked the black better.  I've done a lot of things with solid black lately, so I wondered if a dark grey print would work?  I picked up a dark grey print yesterday.  It's pretty, but isn't popping like the black does. 

What do you think?  I suspect I'll need to hold onto the grey print for something else.  

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  1. The gray draws things back. I'd try a gray with a teal tone, deepest teal.

  2. The creative process is always taking twists and turns, isn't it?! Love those red sculpey hands and feet! The jewel tone fabrics are really pretty.

  3. Those jewel tones batiks are gorgeous. I like the previous comment re deepest teal....that could work. BUT, if you think everything pops with the black, then perhaps that is the one.

  4. Pretty jewel tones. I like the pop of the black with your blocks. Good luck.

  5. What gorgeous jewel coloured batiks, I´m awful at matching and mixing and would dither for days. - no help at all.

  6. Love what you are doing with your 4-patch blocks. I have a big box of them because they are so easy to use as leader/ender pieces. Good luck on your March OMG.


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