Thursday, February 11, 2021

I Like Thursday: Winter Arrived

"Did you know your Thursday post hasn't appeared?" Rob commented this morning.

I thought:  of course it hasn't, I haven't written it.  Wait.  It's Thursday?!?

So let's see if I can write this in less than 15 minutes... 

Part of the reason I hadn't written it was because I payed Riven with my sister last night.  Each on the phone, our own copy of the game in front of us, and go exploring together.  It's worked better than I thought and we've been enjoying it.

The first photo is from snowshoeing.  Such a blue sky and tall trees (and reminds me of a scene from Riven looking straight up at the sky). 

The snow has been lovely.  Lots and lots of tracks out back:  deer, dogs, or likely coyote.  Finally a few human footprints.  And then there were these weird ones.  My Snowshoe print is on the lower left.  I don't know what to make of the ones with the massive stride.  I figured there's not enough land back here for a sasquatch to hang out.  Intriguing.

This tree is tenacious.  With the snow around it, it looks like it's growing straight out of the middle of the rock.  Looks like the woodpeckers have done a number on it, too!  

I'm hoping to do more exploring in the next few days.  It's nice to have so much space out my back door.


I received a rewards card that I wanted to use to treat both of us.  Chocolate!  It was so easy to phone in an order at Richardson's and Rob was nice enough to pick it up the next day.  He says I need to wait until Valentine's day - so more photos next week.  I'm not sure they'll stay untouched that long....

Speaking of touching things:  this squirrel finally worked out where the feeders are.  It was hilarious watching him - he is not a seasoned pro when it comes to feeders.  He got dumped off the little feeder several times.  He had better luck staying on the suet feeder.  Impressive!  But the suet was hard to pry out between the bars.  

This video made me chuckle - how many peanuts can you stuff in your mouth at once?

That's it and I only ran over by 10 minutes.  Whew!  More likes (probably written and posted on time) over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.  Enjoy!


  1. That's pretty funny that Rob was missing your Thursday post! Love those views outside your house - beautiful white snow and blue sky. Lots of interesting things to investigate, including the footprints. Enjoy that chocolate and the entertaining squirrel!

  2. Kudos to Rob! Loved your post and especially the squirels! Have a safe and happy week!

  3. LOL Rob missing your post. Love your snowshoe pics. I keep thinking I want to learn to snowshoe, but I think I need to lose more weight first. Love the squirrel pics.

  4. Snowshoeing looks like a lot of work to me. One of my sons and his gal went snowshoeing up Flume Gorge last weekend. Big workout that. Moose have big strides and feet so that is my guess for the mystery tracks. The chipmunk video was cute. Our backyard squirrels have not figured out how to get at the suet feeder. We also have one hanging feeder that is an acrobatic challenge for them. Thanks to you and Rob for the interesting photos and read this week ... :) Pat

  5. That huge print in the snow is intriguing. What lovely sights you see in your 'backyard'.

  6. I especially love the photo looking up through the tree to the sky! And we all love funny squirrel photos! They're so entertaining!!!

  7. I'm always late with my posts so you're doing fine! The sky has been such a pretty shade of blue. That's my favorite blue shade. You live in such a nice area. I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

  8. Sally - I have never written a post in 30 minutes or less - well done, you! My first thought was a Sasquatch for those foot prints ... Squirrels are bullies, but their antics can be very entertaining!


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