Thursday, July 7, 2016

Whiny Wedgwood

Wedgwood has come a long way in two months.

The shelter told me two things when I adopted her:  she was noisy and liked to hide in her house.  Well, I think her preference to hide was a symptom of being a solo pig.  She certainly stayed out of sight the first week or two here, but now she's out in the open quite a bit.  Wedgie has learned to loaf on the third floor (which is the most exposed spot in the cage).  She lounges in several places on the first level.  She's even started to adopt the cashew pose with a leg sticking out. 

Obviously Wedge is taking lessons from Boadicea.  Face it, Boadi is the queen of lounging.  She thinks anywhere in the cage is a good place to lay about.  I believe Wedgwood is rapidly coming to the same conclusion.

The hiding may have been situational trait, but the noisiness is not.  This pig is a talker.  Pick up and hold Wedg for any length of time and she'll start telling you stories.  She's memorized my daily routine - any time I start a cup of tea, she gets up on the second level and starts whining for treats.  Not wheeking.  Whining.  It's not as urgent as a wheek, but I'm surprised how loud she can get.

Recording it has been tricky.  The microphone doesn't pick it up too well.  But this was just after I poured tea: 

Wheeking usually comes in spurts (unless you have a chorus of guinea pigs - then it can just keep going and going).  Wedgwood can keep this up for several minutes when she wants to.  Notice Boadicea just chills:  Relax, Wedgie, the pepper will show up.

 This is a little better sound - certainly more volume!  She does this when I'm holding her or on the floor or looking for handouts. 

Wedgwood has a good grasp of the room.  She heard Boadi in the cage and was trying to figure out how to get off the couch to get back there.  She doesn't trust what Boadicea is doing without her supervision.


  1. OMG Wedgie is such a cutie! Glad you got footage and evidence of all the noise this tiny loaf makes! <3

  2. It's so funny that she is tuned in to your tea-making :)

  3. Olive oil... OooohhhhPopeye!... or maybe you're too young...
    I want one like her, little star feet.


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