Saturday, January 22, 2022

Project Quilting 13.2: Cat Silhouette

Finishing the Project Quilting 13.2 was more of a challenge than I anticipated.

I picked this lovely cat paper pieced pattern for my silhouette.  (Ulas has some great patterns!)  I had considered enlarging it, because 6" is small for a mug rug.  In the end I stuck with the original and added borders.  I really like how it turned out!

I was worried all the pieces in the tail would be bulky, but it's not bad.  The whole thing went together quickly.  I forget how much fabric a small thing like this takes - there's a lot of seam allowance!  

I started quilting with my new thread - which is thinner than what I've been working with.  In trying to adjust my thread tension, I screwed up the whole machine.  I broke out my little Singer 99 to quilt it.  I've never been happy with my walking foot and it added to the problem by jamming.  Anyone have a recommendation for a low-shank walking foot that they like?

Quilting done, I had already cut binding before I changed my mind... this little quilt was telling me a flange binding with a bit if black was the way to go.  Then, as I'm sewing on the binding, I realized it might be good to put corner pockets on the top.  I intend this to be a mug rug, but it might look nice on the wall, too.  It's a little under 10" square.

Lovely thing about flange bindings - once they're on, it's finished!  No hand stitching required.  And with that, my challenge is done with time to spare.

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  1. That is really nice. I especially like the tail. The flange binding adds a lot.

  2. glad you told us how big it was! looks bigger. I used to quilt on my 1949 singer hand me down with a walking foot and it worked fine, think it was made by singer. Could be the thread itself. Too thin and it might break, for instance aurafil that all the moderns like, is two ply and not as strong as 3 ply cottons. Good for some things and I like it for tiny paper piecing seams and tiny improv work, and yes less lint but not good for all projects. I use it in bobbin when using some metallics as it matches the weight. was your walking foot good before?

  3. I really like how your cat turned out, Sally! The quilting really highlights the cat, and the flange is the perfect finishing touch. I'm sorry you had thread and walking foot trouble, though - frustrating, especially when you're just trying to finish something small!

  4. Love your sweet cat, Sally♡ The quilting looks fabulous, too. The flange is the perfect touch.

  5. That quilt is a beauty!
    The cat is a perfect silhouette. Thank you for the link.

  6. That quilting is just marvelous around this cat. What a great exercise too to practice quilting silhouette lines. I miss my little Brother machine.

  7. Sally - what a fabulous result!!!


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