Monday, January 17, 2022

Channeling Goldilocks

Wow - peach is a tough color to match.  So easily it can swing to the pink or swing to the orange.  I was told: no pink!  The three fabrics I bought two weeks were too pink.  Of the four I bought this weekend, one was too pink, another too orange.  Which was a surprise - it looked fine against the fabrics I brought with me, but once I put it on the wall, no go.

However, I finally had two that were just right.  And voila!  A finished flimsy.  A win for Goldilocks!

I rearranged the diamond colors to my satisfaction.  The row of dark squares have the medium square colors in the middle and vice-versa.  I'd like to get this in some good light so you can see it better.

Pressing open all the seams was a pain and time consuming... and absolutely worth it.  I had a much easier time with the points and even matching up the seams within each block.  I will have to do this for any more of these kite quilts I make (because I keep coming up with more designs).  I have crazy bulk at those points, but I had an easier time sewing it than if pressed to one side.

I've played bobbin-chicken before: trying to finish a seam before the bobbin runs out.  Well, this was whole thread chicken: I was down to the very last of my piecing thread and a new spool won't arrive until Tuesday.  I really, really wanted to finish the whole top with the same type of thread.  I squeaked by with just a little to spare (and the bobbin is equally bare).

There are a bunch of pieces that didn't make it into the front - too dark, too light, too blue, not quite right, or I simply cut too many of one color.  

Just like my other baby quilt, I'm looking to piece the extras into the back.  This is the basic design I have so far.  I debated about sewing in a strip down the side like I did with Tidal Pool's backing, and was auditioning them but I think that's too much with the star blocks.  I have a couple yards of a light cream with scrolls that I think I'll go with.  Sewing the backing may need to wait until the new thread arrives.  I'll at least get it off the floor and onto the wall.

Even using a bunch of half-kite pieces, there's more!  Mostly it's the pink, some orange, and random bits of green and green thrown in.  I'm seeing a couple of mug rugs and table toppers (or maybe a pillow case) in my future. 

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  1. I really love how your quilt came out! It can be a real pain but your color choices came out perfect!

  2. That's beautiful, Sally! So many colors are like that when you're looking for multiple pieces to go together - I'm glad you finally found what worked. Looks like you've come up with an interesting way to use the leftover blocks for the back.

  3. I would imagine there would be lots of pieces left over as a quilt pattern such as this would need a lot of pieces to play with. Knowing you, these pieces will be transformed into other lovely projects. I love the quilt top you have finally decided upon. I LOVE your sewing machine!

  4. I enjoyed reading about your choices and how difficult it is to match seemingly ordinary colours. I've had that happen too. The slate blue I had in the snowman runner seemed not to match any other blue I had on hand and blues are my biggest stash. You are so patient and good to press all your seams!

  5. You have a phenomenal eye for color! Wow! Your quilt is lovely!


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