Thursday, January 13, 2022

I Like Thursday: Keeping Busy

Thursday!  Time to share my good stuff from the week at I Like Thursday over at Not Afraid of Color.

The foster guinea pigs continue to entertain.  Brownie and Twix have certainly settled in.  Brownie's eye has improved a lot in the last few days.  Yay!  He is a total lovebug - and certainly knows how to sack out!

Twix continues to hassle Brownie and demanding treats at the top of his lungs whenever one of us is in the kitchen.

Feed us!

Speaking of goofy animals - check out:  Mongooses with plastic eggs.


Rob forwarded this to me, and it certainly made me chuckle.  I love that this lady was spirited enough to pull that off.  What a silly thing to do!  I'm inspired.

I completed my first Project Quilting challenge - a pair of mug rugs.  I'm looking forward to the next one.  

Finally, I started sewing together the latest quilt.  I still need to work out the peach, but I can stitch the rest together.  I'm pressing open the seams on this quilt because of all the points.  We'll see if it helps!

Need to get that quilt put together this weekend so I can focus on next week's quilting challenge!


  1. It's always so fascinating to me how your fosters come with such different personalities! The mongoose with the eggs is hilarious, too. Hope your quilt top goes together smoothly!

  2. The Id saying she is 17 made me giggle. Awe what a sweet GP. OMG the Mongoose with the plastic eggs. I love that zookeepers try different things to keep the animals engaged. My mom saw a mongoose in Hawaii when she visited last year. Oh points, good idea to iron open the points.

  3. Hi Sally! I can just hear Twix requesting a treat, at the top of their lungs, whenever someone goes in the kitchen. Kitchen means treats! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. ooooo widdle piggies... love them The mongeese were adorable! And spirited for sure. Oh no another challenge on it's way...

  5. I had to giggle at the funny about the “elderly” lady buying wine. Just today, I was in the line with 2 bottles of wine, with my mask on, and the clerk..obviously old enough to legally sell wine, but not much over 21, actually did ask for my ID!! I should have offered him a tip,! I wasn’t offended, cause the police department just did a “sting” and found 4 establishments that didn’t “card” the undercover customers.
    Thanks for the “giggle” and the smile over the mongoose video!

  6. You've piqued my interest in your latest quilt venture. Very cute video and your little tiny guests are so cute. Stay warm...freezing here!

  7. It must be the picture, but your foster looks big to me! I love seeing how you're doing with your quilt challenges. I want to see that quilt top too!

  8. Sally - we always want what we don't have - be older, be younger! What a fab story about the "17 year old" 70 year old! My son loves animal videos, and I will be sending the link of the mongooses to him. Have you seen the videos of Leon the Lobster? Just type it into Youtube!


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