Thursday, January 20, 2022

I Like Thursday: Chillin'

Yay for Thursday.  I'm looking forward to a weekend without being on call or the backup on-call person for the first time in weeks.  Joining up with Lee Anna sharing the good things of the week at I Like Thursday.

Brrr.  It got chilly over the weekend.  (I know - y'all up in Canada and MN are laughing at me).  I was happy enough to be stuck at home Saturday morning.

The frost on the windows were pretty.

We got an unintended airing out when our front door blew open from the wind very early Tuesday morning.  The house smelled fresh and clean!  But it was darned chilly and we had puffy guinea pigs when Rob got up in the morning.   Thankfully no wildlife came in visited us in the wee hours.

Speaking of the guinea pigs - they continue to entertain.  Everyone gets excited for the morning sweep out.  Brownie and Twix know at the end there's fresh hay, new pellets and lettuce. 

Brownie loves to get his nose scritched.  He returned to the vet on Tuesday to check his eye and got a clean bill of health!  They're back up on the Dakin site to be adopted.  

I am thrilled I finished the top of the latest baby quilt.  Backing should be pieced this weekend.  Although, right now, I think I've screwed up my thread tension and am reading up how to reset my old Singer's bobbin and upper tension.  Hopefully I can fix that on Saturday.  A good cleaning, then let the quilting begin!

I like the nifty loot I got from the Project Quilting 13.1 challenge:  a pattern, a deck of cards, a color wheel, a pin cushion and measuring tape.  

I took the plunge and bought a huge spool of Aurafil thread and a smaller spool from Connecting Threads.  I've heard they're great for piecing and quilting.

I'm working on my Project Quilting challenge.  Paper pieced blocks always take more fabric than I think, and I ran out of the light cream fabric.  So I framed the whole thing in gold.  I'm going to use some of my red kitty batik on the back and I think it will look good as the binding, too.



  1. Brrr! Love the frost designs on the window - that reminds me of growing up in NY State. The video of Brownie and Twix is so fun! Love the cat silhouette project - changing the outer fabric makes the cat appear to be sitting on something - cool effect!

  2. I has seemed very cold to me. Frosted windows here, too. And that wind this week ... brrrrr! The guinea pigs are cute and clearly love your attentions, I like the cat block for your silhouette project. Thanks for sharing Thursday with me ... :) Pat

  3. Hi Sally! Oh gosh, how sweet is that video of the morning cleanup?!! I just adore how Brownie was sitting there, getting their nose scratched. So sweet!! {{Hugs}} a bunch for you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. The look on Brownie's face as you stroke his sweet. Loved the video of your morning clean up detail. The pieced kitty is great. Have a lovely day, Sally.

  5. We haven't been quite as cold as you, but single digits a few nights, which translates to turning on the space heater in the bedroom to get the chill off the room. Oh the GP are so cute and Brownie is very active, love seeing how much he interacts with you. Cute quilt too.

  6. My gosh, I bet you're checking your door every night now! Yes, 0 is cold but I woke up to -28C this morning, not sure of what that is in F. I love that's great to try new techniques. And the guinea pigs are such fun little critters. Our Ned is a serious dude.

  7. Oh those guinea pigs are adorable! That looked like a special glove you were wearing in the video? Brrrr! I thought we were cold but you're even colder. The coldest I saw on our home outdoor thermometer was 5 degrees. Have a great weekend.

  8. It's definitely been way too cold! I love your cat project. It looks perfect! So cute that the guinea pigs enjoy a good cleaning and know they're getting fed! I'd be so nervous if my door flew open like that. I'd have to keep checking on it!


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