Friday, November 18, 2016

Not So Bodacious

What guinea pig doesn't work hard making beans?
I called the vet to make an appointment for Boadicea.  The receptionist misread Boadicea's name and thought it was Bodacious.  Excellent!  We had considered that as her name at one point.

Unfortunately, Boadi is not feeling so bodacious.  There's been occasional blood and crying.  No stones were seen on either xrays or ultrasound.  A week of antibiotics hasn't seemed to do anything.  She has good days and bad days, and otherwise appears to be her usual loafy self.

Some of what has me concerned is that Wedgwood has upped her butt-headedness.  She appears to be picking on Boadi far more often.  So something's not right, but we're not sure what.

I brought the vet a poo sample yesterday for more tests.  I hoping this gives us a diagnosis, otherwise, there will be more tests in our future.


  1. Poor baby - get well soon!

  2. Get well Bodacious Boadicea!!! <3

  3. oh no... little star fingers crossed for her

  4. So sorry to hear this! I hope you get an answer soon and it's a easy fix. Meanwhile I hope Wedgewood quits being a jerk. I hate it when animals pick on the one that is weaker or isn't feeling well.
    Get well soon, little Boadiloaf!

  5. Our Raisin had the same thing last year. it ended up being a tumor that we had removed (it was 10% of her body weight). She recovered and lived nine more months (she was almost 9 years old when she had the surgery). After surgery....a totally brand new piggie :-). I wanted to share because I remember how frustrated we were during that time. I hope that Boadi gets better. I sure enjoy her pics and posts ❤️

  6. Aw Boadi, gentle hugs for both you and your "hu-mum". So sad to hear of your pain. Sending heartfelt wishes and vibes for a diagnosis and cure.

    Alf and Nod would send hugs too but they're both grounded from most of life, including use of internet. There was I buddy bathing two warrior pigs at 2.00am a few nights ago trying to settle the war that was raging in the pig pen. Spring Downunder making the super dominant Alf mean? Maybe. Meantime it's a battle keeping a lid on their behaviour because full on bloodshed has consequences I'd prefer to avoid.

  7. Boadi's problem has been on my mind somewhat so when I read about the link between oxalates causing inflammation in the urinary tract and painful urination I wondered if that could be her problem. Perhaps try her on very low oxalic acid foods for a while? Unfortunately the human grade vegetables we so abundantly feed our piggies are often too high in things they would seldom access in a wild state.


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