Thursday, November 3, 2016

Goodies All Around

I hosted a Tea on Sunday.  Such fun having a bunch of friends over for an afternoon of good food and conversation.  I always love using my vintage tea cups.  Plus I got the chance to show off my Key West Memories table cloth.  Doesn't it all look lovely?

I had the window bird feeders up in time for company.  Everyone loved the birds flitting around.  I was asked how many kinds I get.  Oh, so many!  Right now it's mainly chickadees and titmice.  But wow, if I think of it, my window feeders get downy woodpeckers, Carolina wrens, nuthatches, juncos, house finches and goldfinches.  Occasionally a cardinal or a flicker can stuff itself onto the front feeder.  There's a big feeder in the back - they have an easier time with that, and we get blue jays there, too.

Woodpecker and Chickadee
The birds have been pretty excited over the sunflower seeds - I'm filling the two front feeders at least twice a day. They can empty them in under an hour when it's busy.

Monday was Halloween - we didn't get one single kid.  Of course we had a ton of candy.  Most of it was stuff I liked, too.  Oof.  I didn't want to part with it, but I certainly didn't want it all sitting on the counter.  So I made cookie bars.

I adapted the Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars recipe, replacing the peanut butter cups and chocolate chips with chopped up Halloween candy.  Not bad!  The bars are safely tucked away in the freezer, where I'm less likely to be constantly stuffing my face.

Rob rescued me from the remaining candy by bringing it to work.  Whew.  I was bad and squirreled a few Kit Kats and peanut butter cups in my desk.  A little reward for dealing with stressful work.  Right.  Sounds like good justification to me.

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  1. oh fun! I like it all from the tea to the birds to the candy! I gave away most to hundred or so kids, then gave most of the rest to neighbor's kids. I admit to keeping a couple bars in the freezer (ya gotta be desperate to wait for it to thaw)


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