Sunday, November 20, 2016

Six Month Update

Wedgwood has been with us half a year.  The time flies by!  She's changed a lot from the scared pig we brought home from the Potter League for Animals.  Mind you, she still has some of the pee-face attitude she arrived with.  Her latest thing:  she gets her nose out of joint if Boadicea wheeks for treats.  Seriously.  Like Wedgie is afraid Boadi will get all the food if she makes all the noise. 

Speaking of wheeking - I'm convinced it's something that Wedgwood will never do.  She is a master whiner.  I've never had a guinea pig whine so much.  I recall my mother threatening me I'd have kids that whined as much as I did.  I swear I wasn't this bad....

Gone are the days Wedgie would bolt at everything.  She often sleeps in the open and barely bats an eye as I walk by the cage.  She's not mean to Boadi all the time - generally they get along together.  But I think her lingering attitude is from a lack of guinea pig socialization earlier in her life.  She's the exact opposite with humans - obviously she's always been handled a lot.  She never struggles, has never tried to bite me and is relaxed when I hold her.  I trust handing her over to anyone because she so good at being held.  That pig gets picked up a lot (especially  when she's being a nudge).  Everyone loves her.

Wedgie enjoys her floor time.  She's stealthy when I leave the gate open on the cage; she'll suddenly appear in the living room and I've never heard her go there.  The pig still does not know that the wood floor is lava, which can be a problem during cage cleaning days.  I can't corral her on an island of fleece, like I did with Boadicea and Cannoli.  She even convinces Boadi that the wood floor is safe to cross.

I tell people it takes guinea pigs up to six months to settle into a new household.  What I see now is likely Wedgwood's true personality.  She can be a bit of a diva and a bit of a twit.  She's a good snuggler and a big talker.  She's certainly entertaining! 


  1. she's lucky to find you and Boadi
    You know to accept her as she is!

  2. don't you love the variety of character amongst piggies? I love the chatty ones, even if they're whining :)


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