Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trunk Full of Quilts

Online Quilt Trunk Show | Whims And Fancies Whims and Fancies is hosting a trunk show.  I found out about it through some quilt blogs I follow and decided to join in.

The first couple of quilts are at least a few years old, but the rest were completed in the last year or so.

Summer Day
This was my first Storm at Sea quilt.  It was my first wall hanging as well as my first gift quilt.  Perhaps an odd choice for a wedding present.  But I really wanted to try the pattern and loved my choice in colors.  It remains one of my favorite quilts.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights was a crazy stretch project.  So many pieces.  So much work.  Loved the pattern the first time I saw it.  Loved the colors.  Added bonus?  I got to keep it.

String Theory
This was one of my first attempts to quilt something other than stitch in the ditch or simply following the block pattern.  I love how it turned out.  Even though this was done with a walking foot, it kicked off my interest in quilting being something more than just tacking the back to the front of the quilt.

Summer Seashore
I made this quilt last year.  A bunch of the blue fabric was a Christmas gift from my sister.  I was excited to use it.  It's simply a top and a flannel backing with no batting.  Much more comfortable in the summer than the heavy quilt that usually covers the bed.  This was my first attempt at freemotion quilting a large quilt.

It's so cool and inviting - I hate to put it away in the Fall.

Parrot Plumes
Once I saw the pattern for the feathers I searched for an excuse to make it.  The opportunity presented itself with my vet, who specializes and loves exotic birds.  I know she has a soft spot for African Greys and Macaws and thus Parrot Plumes was born.  Added bonus - I get to admire it any time I visit the vet.

Key West Memories
This quilt, like Summer Seashore, has a top, a flannel backing and no batting.  My mother gave me all of the silkscreened fabric, which I wanted to show off.  I chose a large block pattern to show off the wonderful fabric and quilted it just enough to attach the front to the back.

Simple.  Basic.  Love it.

Stained Kites
This is my most recent finish.  It's a variation of Shattered Kites, also an original design.  I had been wanting a quilt that I could practice lots of freemotion quilting.  This was my chance!  I tried several new quilting patterns I had bookmarked for just the right quilt.

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  1. Seeing them together like this is really interesting! Even though I've looked closely at some of them in earlier posts, it's a different experience to see them as part of a portfolio! I'm glad I don't have to pick a favorite :)

  2. This is a lovely selection of quilts. I like the variety of designs and quilting in your work :)

  3. Beautiful quilts in a variety of styles, I like that!

    1. Me too!Especially love the quilting on the Parrot Plumes.

  4. I love them all, but that Northern Lights--wow!

  5. Beautiful quilts! I love the feather quilt and the quilting on it.

  6. All of your quilts are wonderful! I do love the kites quilt. It looks like stained glass windows to me.... the black contrasting background is perfect!

  7. What a nice collection of quilts. I like walking foot quilting and your circles on String Theory is a great combination. Wow! and Stained Kites! What a great idea for FMQ practice! Love the quilting on Parrot Plumes too!

  8. I'm inspired by your lightweight summer quilts! They are really neat and such a good never occurred to me to do FMQ with no batting in the middle. But why not? Yours looks great!

  9. Thank you for sharing some beautiful pieces from your trunk;-)

  10. Oh, I do love your style. Those quilts are awesome!

  11. What a great collection of quilts! You have a couple on my 'to do' list that just got moved higher up (storm at sea, northern lights). Beautiful eye candy.

  12. Beautiful quilts and just wonderful quilting.


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