Thursday, December 29, 2016

Penguin Wine Charms

The Sculpey clay comes out only once a year.  It's packed in a large bag with tools and findings and thoughts of other things to make beyond the annual Christmas ornament.  If you're a regular reader, you know I've been on a use-it-or-lose-it kick over the last year.  Among the studs, French hooks and marbles(?!), I found a few coils of ¾" memory wire.  Over a decade ago (seriously?), I made a series of wine charms - some guinea pigs, some veggies and a set of nautical pieces for myself.  I felt the urge to use the rest of the wire, or give it to someone who'd use it.  It needed to go.

I'm not sure where the idea of penguins came from.  At first I was going to give them each something different to wear or to hold.  In the end, bow ties and scarves looked best.

Sculpey gets shiny where it touches the pan when it's cooked.  I didn't want the penguins to have shiny, completely flat backs.  So I rigged up a loaf pan for them to hang as they baked.  It worked great!

Once the penguins were cool, I attached them to the memory wire rings.  The rings don't have a traditional clasp.  The charms are attached to the wine glass like a paper clip or putting a key on a key ring.  It's a little odd, but they stay put once they're attached. 

This used up almost all of my silver memory wire.  What's left isn't enough to make another full set of six charms.  Maybe a trio of charms?

I planned to give away the coil of gold wire - there's enough for two or three sets of charms.  But I rather enjoyed creating these.  I may need to make some more.


  1. Ha! Those are super cute! I can relate to the "over a decade ago" where fabric and yarn is concerned!

  2. These are so cute Sally! I didn't know the clay would get shiny if it touched the pan. I was recently talking to someone about our mauve and country blue quilt fabrics.....quite old!

  3. Sally - these are so darn cute!! I'm looking for your ornaments but found these instead. I love them - you are SO talented. ~smile~ Roseanne


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