Friday, December 16, 2016

From the "Try Soon" Folder

So many food blogs, so little time.

I bookmark recipes that look tasty, have ingredients I'd use (or have on hand) and aren't terribly time consuming.  But even picky bookmarking results in a lot of saved recipes.  Especially desserts - my sweet tooth shows through.  Many get lost.  While culling bookmarks I often rediscover recipes from years ago that are still untried.  Some are simply awaiting a special occasion; most were just forgotten.

I've recently made a new folder:  Try Soon.  It's for everyday meals or desserts that don't require the excuse of a major holiday.  I tried two recipes this week.

The first was Creamy Pumpkin Pie Bars from Joy the Baker.  Perfect for using up the sugar pumpkin I roasted last week.  My bars certainly don't have the rich color like the blog.  I may have cut out too much sugar, too, since Rob complained they weren't sweet enough.  I like the pecans, am happy with the texture and the bars hold together pretty well.  I have to agree with Rob - I should have kept all the sugar, or added some more salt or spice.  My pumpkin needed more oomph.  Still, quite yummy.  (eta: Rob says it's great with a bit of maple syrup.)

I made a half batch of the second recipe, to use up the leftover cream cheese from the pumpkin bars.  These were mini Cheesecake Stuffed Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookies featured on Cafe Delites.  The half batch fit perfectly in my two little pie plates.  So not really a skillet cookie.  Doesn't matter - this got thumbs up all around.  The slices look great and taste delicious.  Rob liked this one best of the two recipes.  I don't buy cream cheese often, but when I do, I rarely use the full 8 oz.  This would be an excellent way to polish it off.

I planned to freeze one skillet cookie while we finish the other, but Rob questioned whether they'd last long enough to bother freezing.  I predict extra walking for us this weekend!


  1. stop, my pants are getting too tight!

  2. Both your experiments sound good to me! I have so many packages of frozen pumpkin puree to use this winter, maybe I'll try those bars - thanks for the tip on the sweetening.
    I save a lot of recipes on Pinterest, and finally made a folder called MAKE THIS WEEK. Can't say I always do it, but if I feel like cooking something new, at least now I'm in the habit of looking at that folder first.


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