Saturday, December 24, 2016


This year's ornament is based on the Warriors series of books.  These are the stories of several clans of feral cats.  Many of my past ornaments have been based on humans or anthropomorphic animals.  The Warriors cats certainly have some behaviors and traits that have been humanized, but they don't use tools, don't wear clothes (not even collars) and mostly act like cats. 

The clans are large and the series takes place over multiple generations.  So I picked the first two cats I read about:  Fireheart and Graystripe.  Fireheart is featured throughout series, and is the ginger tabby with green eyes.  Graystripe is Fireheart's friend is a fluffy gray cat with a dark strip down it's back.

On top my issues with modeling cats, fluffiness is a problem all it's own.  I have not mastered adding texture like that - and didn't even attempt it.  Graystripe has his fat tail, but I skipped the fluff.  The notch in his ear was far easier to accomplish.

Once I baked the pair, I decided they looked half decent.  My nephew works with Sculpey as well, so I know he'll appreciate the work that went into it.  I just hope next year he'll be reading more books that do not feature cats!

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  1. The Warriors was a series of books my daughter actually read before electronics claimed all of her attention (she is now 21). Your ornaments are awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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