Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Now We Are Six

I started this blog six years ago during Christmas vacation.  It was born from a desire to show off crafty projects and guinea pig goofiness; it seemed that a blog format would work best.  Since then I've written over 800 posts and appear to have plenty more to photograph and talk about.  I appreciate your comments and hope you have been enjoying my blog. 

To celebrate my sixth blogiversary I'm giving away six cards (with envelopes, of course).  I loved the crafty pigaroos photos so much, I ordered myself some blank note cards.  I also unearthed an old pair of cavymadness cards - also blank inside.  The giveaway will include two of each kind of card.

To enter the giveaway:  leave a comment (if you're a no-reply blogger, please include your email address in the comment).  If you can't comment (I am told occasionally that the comments don't work), email me (address is on my About Me tab).  I will pick a winner at random from the comments/emails.

The drawing closes on Monday, January 2nd at 12pm EST.  Congratulations Darlyne! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oooh, sign me up, please! And you know I love your blog, so I'm glad you have plenty more to write and illustrate :)
    Also, you've reminded me I haven't done a giveaway in quite a long time. I'd better put on my thinking cap.

  2. I want to enter! :) Love the crafty pics

  3. OMG Crafty Pigaroos!!! Wheek wheek pick me! LOL #LoveThoseCavies darlynedolap@gmail.com

  4. I love the adventures of your girls! Their pig-tures always make me smile.
    I would love to have some piggie cards, if it's not too late.

    1. oops - wrong e-mail!
      it should be: srmfrances@yahoo.com


I enjoy reading your comments and I strive to reply by email (if you're not set to no-reply).

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