Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Last year I started feeling guilty that the guinea pigs weren't getting much floor time.  I remember years ago watching Eclair and Teddi running laps around the living room.  I loved watching them bound around.  I've yet to have other guinea pigs that run around like that.

Floor setup was time consuming, with food and the water bottle, home base and grids.  My three level setup allowed my sows to have space away from each other, but not really enough for them to get up and go full tilt.

So last November I started the ramp experiment.  It turned out to be a lot of fun for everyone in the household.  The results were surprising, as well.

I let Cannoli and Boadicea out most work days, around 10am.  They were free to come and go until around 5pm.  They still spent most of the day in their cage.  But they'd come out several times during the day to explore, play with their toys or beg for food.

My primary goal had been to get Boadicea moving since she seemed to be the most bored.  Oddly enough it was Cannoli, the wussy little pig, that ventured out the most.

Then Wedgwood came along and took to the ramp her very first time on the floor.  I was so impressed.  It's quite the party trick to take her out of the cage, hold her for a bit, then put her anywhere on the floor and have her trit-trot back to the cage.

It's a different dynamic without Noli.  Neither Wedgwood or Boadicea are inclined to range on their own.  Because of this, I have not been opening the gate as often as I used to.  Even putting treats on the floor hasn't enticed them - they know if they wait long enough, the goodies will come to them.  I've had some luck if I open the gate then place them on the floor.  Wedgie, at least, will come up and down a few times.  I may need to reintroduce them to the fun of floor-time.

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  1. maybe you need a rodeo. Yee haw! Get along little piggies! up and down see saws, under hoops, thru tunnels! on the floor because you have that in the cages. Poor Boadi can't just read a good book. Teach her to wind bobbins for you!


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