Monday, April 24, 2017

Passes Inspection?

I fell in love with this bright blue and green fleece when I purchased fleece for the upper levels.  The light color wasn't good for bedding - it would always look dirty.  However, a half yard needed to come home with me.  After some debate, it became a hammock, a cozy and a fleece forest. 

I haven't made hammocks in ages.  I based this design on a hammock a friend gave the pigs years ago, with some new hooks to try out.  I was pleased by the results but the real test was when I put it in the cage.

What do you think?  That looks to me like the stamp of approval.


  1. summertime and the living is easy

  2. Really fresh and Spring-like fleece, and your piggie seems to appreciate a new place to lounge :) x

  3. Okay, that's just adorable. The hammock looks like a hit!
    (By the way, are you aware that you're email is set to no-reply? Just a heads up in case it is unintentional. :-) )

  4. I love the way your pigs pose and face the camera so professionally! Great models for your fleece inventions.


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