Monday, April 10, 2017

Confetti - A Celebration

Confetti was gifted to my cousin's new baby girl on Saturday.  Rob named it - I think it captures the movement and the color so well.  My cousin was thrilled; I hope baby will enjoy it when she gets old enough to notice.  This is one of my bigger baby quilts at 40" x 48".  It's large size should make it versatile over the years. 

I had a different pattern and different fabric picked out for this baby quilt that I just couldn't get to work together.  As often happens with my quilts, it took on a life of its own.  I grabbed a pile of fabric and had my sister help pick colors.  I settled on a wonky block design and started sewing.  I really wasn't sure how it would turn out until I made 30 blocks and placed them on my design floor.  Behold!  Except for a few adjustments on four blocks, they worked well together.  I liked the overall effect.

Randomizing is always more difficult than it sounds.  But stitching them together was easy, since they all cut to the same size.  Sure I groused about some of the blocks, but this quilt was so much easier to assemble than the tree quilt.   Wonderful! 

I bought backing and pondered quilting designs.  I wanted something simple and rounded.  At first I considered doing a raindrop-like pattern like I had for String Theory.  Then I found a neat wavy design I decided to copy.  I made a paper pattern to follow before I realized the nested waves require equal crests and troughs.  Duh - it was so obvious when it hit me.  I had stitched about six rows before I figured that out.  I managed to adjust without ripping out what I had done and the paper template was still very handy.  It became rough guideline and I pinned the wave, adjusting each row.

I love the waves.  I'm kind of bummed out I couldn't get a sharp photo of the front to really show it off.  The curves compliment the squares and are so appropriate for the fish backing.

I had a lovely fabric in my stash:  black background with large orange/gold flowers, little Persian blue flowers and bright green leaves.  It was so cheery; I tried several times to work it into the quilt.  However, it was too colorful and too high contrast - everything paired with it got lost in a wonky block.  But it was terrific for binding!  The large pattern vanished, but the random orange/yellow/blue/green/black goes well with all of the colors on the quilt.

Blurred out name, birth date and weight

I finished the quilt in plenty time to gift, but after our last good day of sunshine and stillness this week.  Of course, it was a beautiful bright sunny still day on Sunday.  Ah, too bad.  I would have liked to have taken some photographs in bright sunlight.  But even in the cloudy weather, I'm sure you get a feel for how bright and cheery this quilt is.

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  1. What a perfectly wonder-full gift! I love the way blocks keep your eye moving - great colors and placement - and I love the fabric and stitching on the back! Three cheers for the quilter :)

  2. Love the quilting! It really shows well on the other side as I can't say the back. What a fun quilt and I'm sure it will help the recipient have fun adventures. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  3. I think quilts do take on a life of their own.
    I had cavies for many years - so much fun but a lot of work to keep their cages clean.

  4. The name is perfect. And I love how the wave quilting adds contrast to the squares - and its soooo perfect for that lovely backing fabric. I am sure baby will cherrish the quilt!

  5. Well done on the waves! They look perfect on this quilt. :-)


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