Sunday, April 2, 2017

New Upper Fleece

geckos and flowers
I recently bought new fleece for the upper levels of Boadicea and Wedgwood's cage.  As usual, they don't match any of the first floor fleeces.  At least they don't clash as much as some combinations.  I'm positive the geckos will be excellent at hiding poo and hay.  The ice blue flowers should blend in with most of the lower level colors.

New fleece is fun, but I am kind of bummed out.  Some of my favorite fleece shrunk or had worn through in spots, even though there was still plenty of nap left.  I retired the teakettles late last year (oh, woe!); I could not quite stretch it over the coroplast to keep it in place.  Today it's the rooster print, which was such a great color.  I've stashed it away as backup (there's barely enough to clip into place), because I'm not ready to part with it.  I bought those back in the day of Pinniped and Bertie.

Back in the day of Willow and Pippin
The last fleece I retired goes back to when I first created a second level - nearly 10 years ago.  I don't know what spurred me to purchase pink and green plaid.  Wow.  But the pigs seemed fine with the color.  It got a lot of use over the years.

The old fleece will be washed and either go to an animal shelter or to the vet.  Although it won't match any of their cage sizes, I'm sure some critter will be happy to snuggle up in it.

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  1. well, I just learned something - I didn't know fleece could shrink!


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