Thursday, April 20, 2017

I Like Thursday: Baking

I like to bake.  Well, I like cooking in general.  It's a form of creativity and there's a tangible product at the end.  Not only that, most failures are still edible, even if they're not presentable to a larger public.  Plus, the act of baking can be good for you.  Imagine that!

I like cookies.  I tend to do small cookies.  There's less guilt eating one.  The drawback is that often one isn't enough, and suddenly I've eaten five.  On the other hand, small ones are good for sharing at gatherings, especially if I have more than one type of cookie.  My current favorite is Brownie Batter Cookies, followed by Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Rob's favorite is Biscotti.  (Which reminds me - I need to make a batch of those soon.)

I like bars.  Cheater cookies - spread the stuff all in a pan and pop in the oven once (maybe twice), instead of swapping out cookie sheets every 5-15 minutes.  Evil Bars are my favorite; Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars if I'm looking for something more cake-like.  Chocolate Party Squares are probably the oldest cookie recipe I have.

I had a round, pumpkin-shaped glass bowl from Pier 1 that I'd keep stocked up when the guys were coming over for Game Night.  One of the first things that filled it were these chocolate caramel brownies affectionately Death Bars.  (I know - I have strange names for my desserts).  The bowl was known from that day forward as The Bowl of Death.  Loved by everyone.

Baking is not all about dessert (although my heart tells me otherwise).  There's lots of good things to bake for breakfast

I like quick breads - zucchini, pumpkin, date.  Good for breakfast or with afternoon tea.

I really like Apricot Chocolate Ring.  Not too sweet, goes well with tea or coffee.  The biggest thing I miss not working in the office is Breakfast Club.  I don't make this often - it's too big for two (it disappeared quickly when I brought it to work!).

I occasionally bake for dinner.  I like Apple Sausage Pie.  It's one of Rob's favorites, too.  I make a squash galette that everyone loves at the Teas, as well.

I've been trying out yeast bread recipes in the last year or two.  I like how it rises.  I like how the dough is just slightly warm when I form it into loaves.  And of course I love how the bread smells when it comes freshly baked from the oven.  Who doesn't?  Yum.

Hungry yet?  Get baking!  In the meantime, check out the other I Like posts at Not Afraid of Color.  I'm also sharing with Little Things Thursday over at Random-osity.


  1. oh nooooooooo
    cookies are my downfall! These all look like ones I'd overeat! What an array of goodness! I admire people who can have "just one" not me, they speak so loudly I eat them to shut them up

  2. Now I am hungry!!
    So glad you stopped by to link up!

  3. All of your recipes look yummy (or maybe evil!), and you've made me want to bake something! What are the cookies on the far right of the plate in your first photo, they look like chocolate with vanilla frosting? I might need to make something chocolate very soon!

  4. Wow, every one of these treats sounds delicious! Baking sweets is a good news/bad news deal at my house, since I have almost zero self-control when it comes to eating what's available, and the tastiest thing first. Your sausage apple pie, though...that made me realize how long it's been since I made any kind of meat pie. About a hundred years ago I used to make them from scratch, even grinding the wheat to make flour for the crust if you can believe that!

  5. You are making me soooo hungry :) Your baked goods look great!!! Thanks for sharing where to get recipes too! Have a great day!

  6. I love baking too! Your suggestions look very tempting! I recently made a batch of toffee almond oatmeal cookies which were well received.

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