Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Like Thursday: Silly Stuff

I like silly things and there was a variety of foolishness over the weekend.

I like the turkeys in the back yard.  I'm not happy that they're clearing out the bird feeder (or leaving "presents" on the deck).  However, they are entertaining to watch and I can't help but laugh at their antics at the feeder.  At least do less harm to the feeder than the raccoons.

I like this balancing sock.  I peeled them off before going to bed and found this one standing on it's cuff in the morning.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't accomplish that if I tried.  Impressive.

We clipped guinea pig nails over the weekend.  I like how goofy they look with their feet sticking out as they're being held.  Poor Wedgwood.  She's not particularly happy with the prospect of getting those nails done.  It's not that bad!

I like Dr. Who (the Fourth Doctor will always be the best).  Heard of the Cybermen?  I chuckled the other day when I noticed the back side of the space heater looks vaguely like a Cyberman head.  Maybe you have to squint to see it.  I plan to be cautious, regardless.  One can get into a lot of trouble with nothing more than a Cyberman head.

Rob likes to hassle me.  Can you believe that?  (In his defense, lots of guys have told me I have "tease me" tattooed across my forehead.)  I generally like the hassling, even as I give him the distrustful what-are-you-up-to look.  He played with the camera the other night, thus the look.  I never know what dorky photos of myself I'll find on the camera later.

See what I'm working on?  I really like the waves and fishies.  I also like that there's just that bit of binding left!  This is good, because I give it away on Saturday.  Can't wait to show you all.

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  1. Oh How fun your list was! That's the kind of thing I love to read! From sock sculptures to emerging heads, to feet with nails, to turkeys to beautiful quilted waves of stitches! LeeAnna

  2. Oh my gosh you have a cyberman in your home! Retreat!
    Turkeys are funny. I've raised turkeys but don't have any wild ones around. That's very neat!

  3. I would love to see wild turkeys in my yard! I did laugh to see the one right up at your bird feeder, though! The sock is definitely a hoot! Have never watched Dr. Who, but maybe I should!

  4. Life's little pleasures are the best. And the fourth Doctor is the one I remember best. I want his scarf :) I'm woefully behind keeping up with the new doctors.

  5. Oh my goodness! They would be fun to see, but not cleaning out the bird feeders!


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