Thursday, April 13, 2017

I Like Thursday: Spring Cleaning

I had piles of scrap fleece after making new bedding for the guinea pig cage.  Then there's all that fabric I brought home from the Tea.  Heaps all over the sewing room table and chairs.  It needed to go.  I hadn't even finished sewing the label on Confetti when I started cutting fleece.

I like to see scrap fabric become a stack of finished cozies, pig pillows, hay racks and hammocks.  Three different piles of fleece have dwindled to a handful stuffed into a corner of a drawer.  I also got to use some of my quilting stash - fabric I was bored with or that really didn't go with anything else.  So satisfying to use it!

I like the two shopping bags - and finished in time to be handed off on Saturday.  There was very little salmon fabric, so I couldn't do the full swap of bag and handles as I intended.  I kept the blue fabric for handles on the salmon bag since I love the combination.  I dug out my trusty pastel floral print for the blue bag's handles.  Not as stunning, but it works.

I like making mug rugs.  I managed to squeak out four of them from the shopping bag leftovers.  I'll be backing them in the next fabric and binding in the pastel blue.  I hope to have them done by Saturday, too!

I like the little knot bag I made next (once I located the template and instructions).  The nest fabric is so lightweight, I interfaced it to give it some oomph.  Turned out quite nice, although I don't know if I really needed the interfacing.  But I was so excited to use it!  The interfacing has been wadded up in the bottom drawer back from when I made my own clothes.  Decades.  I guess it was worth keeping.

I like using stuff, especially when I've held onto it for so long!

I like this bag so much - and I have SO MUCH of this fabric - that I may end up making more of these.  This one is going to a friend.

Hammocks, shopping bag mug rugs
Look!  Clean tables and a pile of finished stuff on the shelf!

I really like sewing on my Singer 15-91.  I had to pull out my old Graduate to do some zig-zag stitching a week or so ago, and thought "how did I ever sew on this thing?!?"  Rob convinced me to buy the 15-91 after I went in a dither over it for weeks.  Awesome purchase - I'm so glad I got it!

I like that my sewing room is in much better shape than it was prior to last weekend.  I can see the table and most of the chairs are empty.  I even have a pattern picked out for the pastel blues and greens.  I desperately need to fix my dancing shoes before the New England Folk Festival next weekend.  Then I can start cutting and making those blocks.  Oh, progress!  That's easy to like.

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  1. so much sewing! I feel your accomplishment! I love making tote bags, and using the ones I make. It's like being able to wear a quilt.

  2. What fun ways to use up fabric! You have inspired me to try and make tote bags with my fabric too!

  3. I love making tote bags, too, and some for the groceries would be really useful! I scrolled down to your post abut the Confetti quilt, too - and I really love that one. I've been wanting to try wonky squares like that, so mow I may have to!

  4. I just love your shopping bags and how clever to make bags like that. So useful and pretty. Stash cleaning/sorting always is a revelation!

  5. So awesome that you're stash busting! I love using things up that I already have.


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