Monday, August 1, 2011

Beach Bums

I had a last-minute request to post the August photo for the CavyMadness Facebook page.  I don't tend to do seasonal photos of my girls.  The Christmas card shoot is enough staging and work to satisfy us all for a whole year.  But I needed something warm and summery.  Something that would capture the hot sunny days of August.

I had just returned from a weekend at the Cape, so I had the beach on my brain.  Pigs on the sea shore?  Sure!  I could do that.

I nabbed a few shovels from the cottage, dug through my old shell collection and made a quick backdrop (to show off my stunning artistic talent with crayons).  I found a stripy towel, added some pigs and voila!  I have Bertie and Pinni at the beach.  I was amazed I got any decent shots considering they were from my little camera and without the flash (since I didn't want red-eye). 

Pinniped is trying very hard in the first photo to look like a well-fed seal.  Just look at the width of that pig!  Black is slimming?  <snirk>  I don't think so.  Pinni looks a bit more svelte in her solo photo.  I think she was holding her breath.

Bertie's solo photo ended up being the best of the bunch; I selected it as the August photo.  That's right, Bertie - pout at the camera.  What a ham.

The whole thing, done in 30 minutes, with less than 60 shots.  Why isn't the Christmas shoot like this?!?

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