Friday, August 26, 2011

Breakfast Time

Ah, the morning routine.  My ritual consists of rolling out of bed, coming down the stairs and listening for ka-thumping* and/or wheeking from the other room.  I head to the fridge and call out "Who wants breakfast?"  This is usually followed by more ka-thumping as Pinni leaps down from the upper levels of the cage, more wheeking, and if Willow is impatient, bar chewing.  Bad pig.  I rattle around in the veggie drawer and pull out swiss chard.  Breakfast!

I eat my cereal; the girls polish off the chard and tell me that I'm late with their bell pepper.  It's pretty much the same every work-day morning.  I tell them they're begging fiends and they agree.

Last week's CSA veggies included a small handful of swiss chard.  Chard is not one of my favorites, so the girls lucked out and had some of those little leaves for breakfast.  I had to laugh when Willow grabbed the stem and ate the whole leaf, without a break, from one end to the other.  I am rather pleased to have caught it on video:

It took her a full minute and a half to eat that whole leaf from tip to tip and finish swallowing.  She gave herself a quick shake to snap out of her trance before going after the next piece.  Nom! 

* ka-thumping is a technical term for the sounds clearly heard at 0:23-0:25 in Clean Fleece Happy Dance.

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