Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bertie's Teeth

Bertie returned to Windhover Vet today to get her teeth filed down (called a "float").  I dropped her off at 8:30am.  She hid in her cozy most of the drive up there and seemed considerably calmer than last week's trip.  I, however, was not.  I hate leaving a pig for any kind of procedure.  I can get terribly anxious until I get the call from the vet, which usually isn't until 3pm or so.  <sigh>

I'm not coming out.
Bertie was the first surgery of the day, so I got the call at lunchtime.  Yay!  The vet said Bertie was awake and in recovery.  Turns out, the right side of her teeth were more overgrown than the left (at First Visit to the Vet we thought the problem was with the left side).  She had both sides filed a bit.  The vet also got a good urine sample, which showed signs of infection.

We picked Bertie up at 4pm.  She hid in her cozy the whole way home.  I thought it was because she wasn't feeling well.  Bad guess.  I found out when I got her home and tried to extract her from the cozy it was because she was entirely freaked out.  Poor Bertie.  I didn't know she could grab onto the sides of the cozy with such force!  When I got her out, she darted into the corner of the cage and did the "I'm scared" sounds.

I'm scared, Mom.
I put them all outside shortly afterwards.  She really likes being outside, so I thought this would make her feel better.  Bertie immediately started eating grass. This was great, since the vet said she was not eating her hay in the recovery.

So, the healing process begins. A few days of antibiotics should help if the bladder issues is causing her not to eat.  Plus the teeth are in better shape than they were when she came in.  Come on, Bertie.  It's time to get fat again.

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