Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pinniped Performances

How can you not squeeze that?!?
Pinniped is such a drama queen.  Unfortunately for her, she is hassled a lot for it.  When she is picked up she wails "Woe is me!"  You can hear her clearly a room or two away.  Sometimes it's indignant:  "Unhand me, you brute!"  And occasionally, if you manage to nab her while she's sleeping, it's just a squeak of surprise.

She's such a fatso; its the primary reason she gets picked up.  One feels the overwhelming need to squeeze those love handles.  Even the vet squeezed and wuzzed her the first time she met Pinni.  You just can't help it!  Pinni complains bitterly about the attention.  Is it wrong to to feel schadenfreude at a guinea pig's expense?

The double-wide
Pinni deserves the provocation more often than not.  She uses her hefty size to intimidate Willow.  She tries it on Bertie, too, but Bertie will only take so much before she'll tell Pinni right where she can go.  Willow will cry and get out of the way when Pinni picks on her.  But every so often, Willow knows if she sits and cries long enough, I'll swoop in and remove Pinni.  But what did I do, Mom?!?  Bad pig.

Along with the rolls of fat you need to squeeze, Pinni also has a non-stop nose.  From the very first moment I held her at the animal shelter, that nose was checking things out.  It pokes through the bars of the cage.  It waves in the air when she's being held.  It explores everywhere when you try to sit with her.  And lately, it sticks in and out of the cozy when we bring her in from an excursion outdoors, much to our amusement.

Bertie is our goofy little star-toed clown, but Pinni makes us laugh without even trying.

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