Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boadicea's First Gotcha Anniversary

It's hard to believe we spent most of Boxing Day a year ago driving to and from the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  Then, after we all met Boadicea, we spent a very stressful day or two while she and Cannoli battled worked out their social structure at home.


Fast forward a year.  In some ways, it feels like Boadicea has been here a lot longer than that.  Boadi immediately made herself at home, faster than any pig I've adopted.  She loves people and rapidly lost her habit applying teeth when startled.  Boadi enjoys getting patted and scritched.  She even allows strangers to touch her.  Occasionally Boadi runs roughshod over Noli, but Noli can hold her own.  Even with the occasional spat and chasing Noli is happy with the situation:  she'll search for Boadicea if they get separated for long.  They often hang out close together - peacefully.  What a change from their introductions.

Boadicea has loafed out in the last year.  I don't know if it's the good living, or if she's not moving as much from her arthritis.  We'll see if the painkiller and the extra floor time will get her back in form. 

She's been such a fun addition to our household.  I love having a guinea pig that enjoys being handled and interacts with me.  It's great having a friend for Cannoli; Noli is happiest with guinea pig company no matter how much she complains about sharing the hay.  I'm glad we gotcha, Boadicea.

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  1. Love how the loaf pan doesn't quite contain all her loafiness. Happy Gotcha Day!


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