Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fun with Floor Time

The new guinea pig ramp has been a lot of fun.  I open up the cage on most week days around lunch time for the afternoon.  Cannoli and Boadicea take several trips to the floor.

I had figured Boadicea would be the one to get out and explore.  But who's the pig puttering around?  Cannoli.  She's up; she's down.  If I forget to get pellets on time, she gets quite adamant about it.  She used to just wheek from the cage, but now she gets down on the floor and wheeks, too.  Maybe the acoustics are better down there?

Her new favorite thing is to yell at the top of her lungs either at the end of the ramp, or as she crosses the floor.  She waits until she hears someone in the kitchen.  Then beware!  She's right down there to tell us that we've either forgotten to fill the food dish, or that she doesn't have enough veggies, or whatever else is on her mind.

This shy little pig has no problem showing attitude on stage.  Of course, if you make a move towards her, even if it's with carrot in hand, she'll bolt for the safety of the ramp.  Little pig!  If you make a commotion, you have to expect to be noticed.

Boadicea often follows Cannoli to the floor, especially if she hears munching.  She may make solo trips, too.  Cannoli is easy to pinpoint at any time, because she's burbling as she moves.  Boadi works in stealth mode, so unless she's playing with the egg-cersizer or munching on corn husks, I can't tell if she's on the floor or not.

The ramp landing has become less of a hang out over the last couple of weeks.  I will occasionally find on or the other sitting on it, but they rarely try to get up there together, unless their planning to head for the floor.  The taste testing has also decreased.  Yay.  So my last step is to create a fitted cover for the ramp, at which point, I'm officially done with modifications. 

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