Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Finished Ramp

I'm officially done adding the ramp to the guinea pig cage for free-ranging.  The last step was to cover the whole thing with fleece.  This hadn't been part of the original design.  I discovered the hardware cloth had a rough edge even when I folded it over.  I didn't want the rough edge to rub along the back wall.  I also didn't want to chance piggy toes getting caught in any exposed squares.  So fleecing it should keep the paint from getting scratched and keep everyone's toes safe.

The landing originally had overhead supports.  I didn't like that and moved them underneath.  It's a lot sturdier.  I decided the landing doesn't need a cover because Cannoli and Boadicea have lost interest hanging out there.  I pee-proofed (with a little piece of shower curtain) the bottom of the ramp.  They spend time there debating if they want to cross the floor or not. 

The new fleece cover has had one drawback - it's soft and bit slippery.  Boadicea had no issues with it, but Cannoli is a little wary because she slides down the ramp on her butt.  Pretty funny.  I know the traction will improve as it gets used, so Noli will just have to deal with it.

The fitted cover wasn't that hard to make; it only has a few seams.  It's cumbersome to replace because I have to pull the whole cage setup away from the wall to put on and take off the fleece.  I'm hoping it won't need to be changed often.  Looks really pretty, though!

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