Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gimpy Guinea Pig

Boadi wondering if we could go home yet.
Noli exploring the floor; exhausted Boadi back home
A few weeks ago I noticed Boadicea was hopping as she was on the floor.  I made note of it, but wasn't too worried.  But then she started to keep weight off her front left paw.  It got worse by the end of last week.  Nothing felt warm or painful to the touch.  Maybe it was a strain?  Did she trip or fall?  Since it wasn't getting better, we booked a trip to the vet.

Of course, the morning of the appointment, Boadi suddenly walks without hopping or limping and starts to put weight on that leg.  Way to go, making Mama feel like a crazy lady.  I told Boadi we weren't backing out now, and away we went.

At the vet's office, we put Boadicea on the floor to show the limp.  First she didn't move.  Then we put Cannoli on the floor as incentive.  I had to hold Noli, because she kept trotting right over to Boadi.  Noli has suddenly become this bold, daring little pig?!?  When Boadi finally did move, there was barely a limp.  But just enough - she was whisked off for x-rays.

Usually I go to watch the proceedings, but this time I stayed to watch Cannoli.  She was having a blast at the vet for once, checking out the floor, the cozy, my feet.  (It's a great textured floor, not at all slippery - Cannoli approved.)  Who knew the vet's office could be fun?

We warned the vet tech that Boadicea may bite under duress.  Boadi came back all wrapped like a burrito, looking calm.  Not only did she not scream, squirm and never tried to bite, she lay nicely on her side for the x-rays.  A compliant guinea pig?  Who heard of such a thing?!?  She was even good for a second x-ray.

The diagnosis:  Boadicea has arthritis in her left rear knee.  That's probably what I had started to see weeks ago when she hopped around on the floor.  Compensating for that probably caused a strain in her left front leg.  I'm guessing the arthritis started to set in months ago, when she became less active.  Even though Boadi was looking better that morning, I'm glad I brought her in.  She's on some pain killer for a few days; she's already moving about more easily.

Whew!  Being such a good pig at the vet took it out of Boadi.  She flopped down soon after getting home.  All that floor time made Cannoli hungry and she stuffed herself with hay as Boadi napped.  What an exciting day.

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