Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Worn Out

Boadicea's arthritic knee must be feeling better.  She ran all around during floor time (no hopping!) while I cleaned the cage.  Usually when they come back to a fresh cage they spend several minutes checking out every corner.  But it was late in the day and I had put out their bowl of evening pellets.  Eating pellets is more important than inspecting the cage.  One must have priorities.

I laughed when they started to eat.  Boadi flopped herself down next to the pellet bowl (because Cannoli couldn't be allowed to eat all the pellets!).  Initially Boadi propped her head against the edge of the bowl like a pillow, but she had to shift several times.  It took some work to lay down and get her nose in the bowl.

Once the pellets were gone, Boadi did one quick trip to inspect the cage, then plopped herself in the corner.  Whew.  That was a lot of hard work!


  1. One of our pigs would do that all the time. I have several pictures of her sleeping with the pellet bowl as a makeshift pillow ready to wake up and eat at a moment's notice!

  2. I love your piggy girls! What did they get from Santa for Christmas?

    1. Christmas was a low key affair. But they got carrots in their stockings!

  3. Well done Boadicea!
    The importance of getting into a comfortable position and staying there whilst eating cannot be overstated,
    And can lead to important discoveries: last night I discovered that it is possible to eat ice cream with chopsticks! Who knew? :)


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