Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cape Chick Weekend XI

Another Chick Weekend has come and gone.  So many good memories to keep us going until next year.

The weather was terrific - sunny and comfortable.  It was small group again this year, two gals arrived on Friday.  The afternoon was spent walking the beach and catching up.  We enjoyed company, wine and the sunset.  I love all the golds and browns of the beach in the evening (a contrast from all the blue and white of the day).

Windmill clock, endowed mermaid and Poseidon's stopwatch
Our last arrival appeared Saturday morning; we headed to the Windmill Weekend festivities.  First up - the sand art contest.  This year's theme was the Sands of Time.  There were two lovely time-piece sculptures:  a clock with the Eastham windmill on it, and Poseidon's Stopwatch, complete with a trident fob and silver chain.

As I passed the mermaid, I mentioned that she was very well endowed.  I was told "gets more votes that way."  I had to laugh! 

We enjoyed the events at the green, including a dunk tank (dunk your selectman or teacher!) and the craft fair.  We got to check out the new library (been open since November, but it was new to us) and spent some time on my aunt's porch enjoying a mug of tea and people watching.  I got to catch up with friends and family - it was a lovely afternoon.

Sunday was busy.  Three of us packed in a trip to our favorite bakery, the spice shop, watched the Windmill Weekend parade, then finished our errands in Orleans.  Whew! 

Happy to be at the pastry shop!  Then the parade:  a mermaid and shark; two old-time beachgoers
Monday was far more relaxed, enjoying chocolate chip brioche, suisse and strawberry croissant for breakfast.  Then we headed down to the beach to see how many flats out we could walk (about 1/2 mile over 10 flats before we hit the tide water).  After that, the girls headed home and it was just me and the guinea pigs. 

I'm glad we could share this time together.  I look forward to doing it again!

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