Thursday, September 14, 2017

I Like Thursday: The Cape

I was down to Cape Cod for several days this week.  Alas, I am back to work today.  But there was lots to like while I was on vacation.

I liked this little library stand.  There were two of them in the area, less than a half mile from the beach.  What a perfect place to have these!  So many people read at the beach.  This one had a couple of my favorite YA books (The Hero and the Crown, The Dark is Rising).  There was an old Hardy Boys mystery, several little kids books, some romance novels, several thrillers (including The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), and the classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  It even included The Book of Mormon.  Covered a lot of reading levels and tastes in a small container.

I like the Atlantic Spice Company.  I make an annual pilgrimage to buy spice and check out nifty gadgets and lovely ceramics.  I walked out with ten spices I planned to buy, five more that I didn't (but probably need), and some bags of seeds and lentils to boot.  It always rings up more than I expect, but the prices there are so much better than the grocery store.  Plus the spices are wonderful.  Well worth the trip.

I liked the Eastham Windmill.  We were there for the Windmill Weekend celebration.  It's the oldest working windmill on the Cape.  I vaguely remember it decked out with sheets, and I believe I've seen it in action once, but that must have been decades ago now.  There's lichen growing on the blade frames.  I'd be curious if they ever fire it up anymore.  I should have asked the attendant while I was there!

There were lots of good things to eat over the weekend.  I especially liked the pastries from PB Boulangerie.  There was some kind of pumpkin mouse over a shortbread crust, plus two decadent chocolate desserts.  Yum!

I liked the games we played this weekend, too.  You can see a few Bananagrams tiles in this photo.  We also played a card game Set (my sister gave me the deck - thanks!),  and Yahtzee Free for All.

As if that wasn't enough chocolate, I brought the girls to the Hot Chocolate Sparrow.  I liked the flower box outside the shop.  The "vegetation" consisted of various tools and metal items including horseshoes, rakes, drills, various spigot handles, rebar and a wrench.  What fun!  And you never have to water it.

There was also a mural outside the shop that I liked.  It's a picture of the old train station, which would have stood just across the street from the chocolate shop.  I like that it looks like a vintage photo.

There were too many things I liked to stuff into this post.  So I'll stop here.  But if you're ready for more, check out the I Like Thursday post over at Not Afraid of Color.


  1. So fun to enjoy your likes from Cape Cod this week! I liked Cape Cod as a kid, but haven't had a chance to go back there as an adult, and that makes a big difference! I love the Little Free Libraries that are popping up all over. I want to put one in our yard, but can't talk my hubby into it yet!

    1. I first saw those little libraries on the Hallmark channel's Chesapeake Shores. Nice idea.

  2. How cool is that library!! I've never been to Cape Cod, but it looks beautiful. mary in Az

  3. Great likes! Makes me wish I was there! What a neat area to explore! Thanks for sharing!


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