Monday, September 4, 2017

Shirt with Borders

I need more fabric to do one last border on the shirt quilt to make it twin sized.  I finished assembling the inner and middle borders.  The black and white remained my favorite and I'm even happier with it in place.  Proves that it's worthwhile auditioning even questionable fabrics!

The middle border is a hodgepodge of the smaller scraps of shirts.  There's even a pocket sewn into it all.  Now that it's together, a larger inner border may have been better, or put the middle border as the outside border.  Too late for second guessing - it's together now.  Besides, I don't have enough pieces to expand the hodgepodge border to run along the outside.

I like it with all the blues and browns.  Rob keeps trying to convince me to keep it, but what am I going to do with another twin-sized quilt? 

So this will get put to the side, until I find outer border fabric.

Today I'm meeting my mother to purchase fabric for another twin quilt - she wants Celtic Solstice.  I'm excited to be making one, although a little anxious with all the pieces!


  1. Hi Sally,
    This has really come together so nicely. That little border really makes it pop - I look forward to seeing what you pick for your outer border. ~smile~ Roseanne


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