Thursday, September 7, 2017

I Like Thursday: Some Small Stuff

It's a small like this week.  I've been dealing with a lot of not-likes:  stressful work, sick guinea pig.  So I'm happy to have any likes!

I liked meeting up with my mother.  We met at Fabric Place Basement to pick fabric for a quilt I'll be making her.  I spotted this lovely brown batik.  Isn't it pretty?  I needed to bring it home with me.  Mom got it for me - thanks, Mom!

I also liked that we managed to swing $10 off the purchase, even though I had forgotten my coupon at home.  Yay!

My mother came bearing veggies, too.  The beans are already gone, but I still have these lovely peppers and tomatoes.  I love tomatoes - I just can't eat a lot of them.  They've been delicious so far.  I've had them on salad.  At least one of the remaining ones is heading for a BLT.  Yum!

Boadicea has not been doing well.  However... I like that I found her relaxed and stretched out in a cozy the other day.  This was not the puffed up stance she's had for days.  It's a small improvement.  I'll take it. 

So - the stress at work should pass.  I hope Boadi continues to mend.  I'm taking a few days off.  I'm anticipating more uplifting likes next week. 

In the meantime, there's good stuff to like at Not Afraid of Color.  Be sure to check them out.


  1. the fabric is so pretty. Deep rich color and pattern. I sure hope little Boadi gets well. Or could suddenly tell you what's wrong. What would her voice sound like?

  2. Hi,
    Hope next week is better for you. Love the fabric, very rich in color. Have a great day!

  3. There's almost nothing better than freshly grown veggies! Unless it is new fabric, or a few days off work, or realizing your sweet Boadi is feeling better! Hope things keep heading up for you this coming week.

  4. I hope Boadi continues to feel is always a worry when our small critters are unwell.

    Love the fabric!

  5. Hey Sally, you must be nearby if you go to fabric place basement! Actually now that I think about it the one in Framingham isn't the only one... Maybe you are in Virginia!

  6. Get well Boadi! Nothing is right if our babies aren't right. Sending you all healing hugs!

  7. I hope Boadi is well and truly on the mend! I understand the stress of caring for an unwell critter completely. It's been a difficult time at my place lately, as first Moxie, then Piper, and now Della, too, are all experiencing some kind of internal upset that - after multiple appointments and a LOT of stress - my vet now thinks is "probably a virus and will just run it's course soon." Fingers crossed for all of us, Boadi included!


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