Monday, December 31, 2018

Finishes for 2018

This year got away from me.  I still haven't made the New York Beauties quilt I had planned to do two years ago (although it looks like I will be doing a different NYB quilt in 2019!).  Along with the two quilts I anticipated this year, I squeezed in two more throw quilts and several other projects.  Not bad.

Sunshine, Tidal Pool
Stepping Stones, Shiplapped and #AdoretheSchwarz


The big finish was my mother's quilt, Sunshine, completed early in the year.  Then came my first wedding quilt, #AdoretheSchwarz.  Love the colors in that (although I had to laugh that I picked colors so close to Sunshine).  The stretch goal in that quilt was attempting a large all-over free-motion design.  Really happy with how it turned out.  Next up was Stepping Stones, in which I spent weeks fighting with the colors, but everyone was thrilled with the result.  I made Tidal Pool in part with Stepping Stones leftovers.  Shiplapped was assembled with three years' worth of string triangles.  So many quilts represented in that single quilt.

Then I squeezed in a third wedding quilt before the end of the year, named Joyful

In addition to the big quilts, there's the odds-and-ends type of projects that I don't plan, but pop up in my schedule for one reason or another.

Coil bowl, pillow cover, name tag and dance skirt
Mug rugs, shoe bags, knot  bags and a table topper

A few partial extras from #AdoretheSchwarz became a throw pillow cover.  The dreaded dress fabric made appearances in a shoe bags, a mug rug and a table topper.  I finally decided to use the other Italian stretch cotton to make a dancing skirt.  Came out quite nice!  (Thanks, Mom!)  It's remnants went into a pair of knot bags and a coil bowl.  Love all of them.  Skinny strings and leftover shirt flannel went into several mug rugs.  The tiniest finish was a name tag - a fabric one this time, instead of the usual Sculpey ones I've made. 

Last minute entry - finished just two days ago - was this sweatshirt appliqué.  Love how it came out.  I have another paper pieced appliqué planned for a grey sweatshirt next.

I still envision doing a mostly black-and-white NYB quilt, but may pass that up once I finish a queen-sized quilt for my sister with that pattern.  Whew.  I am both looking forward and dreading tackling that project.  My bag of 2-inch squares is just about bursting, so I have plans for them, too.  Somewhere in there I will be starting a new selvedge string block for a future quilt.  Plus I am sure there will be a few unexpected projects.  There's always something to sew!


  1. You are incredible productive! What a fantastic portfolio for 2018 :)

  2. All so beautiful!

  3. What an incredibly prolific year! I love reading your blog describing each of your journeys.

  4. You may not have made the NYB but your had a productive year just the same. I love all these projects, especially Stepping Stones and Shiplaped. The last minute sweatshirt addition is fun too!

  5. A lot of lovely work here, I like the pretty quilt colours and the work on the sweatshirt applique, Always something interesting to see on your blog. Happy New Year.


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