Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Easter Candy 2019

I kept busy on Saturday (and a bit on Monday) making lots of chocolates.  Saturday it was a group affair with my friends.  My sister even made a late appearance, which was very cool. 

We do a lot of dipping.  Aren't all the centers pretty?  There's Oreo truffles, pumpkin cheesecake truffles, two types of buttercreams, cookie dough truffles and peanut butter balls.  I forgot to get mint Oreos this year, so we added raspberry flavoring to the plain Oreos I got.  We made some mint buttercreams instead.

Along with the pretty truffles, we made black and white paves, butterscotch nests, ginger nut clusters and toffee.  Everything came out beautifully.  

What a great crew!  We had a good time.  I hadn't seen some of my friends in months, so it was terrific to have them all together. 

My sister brought some of her own centers to dip, so she and I continued after everyone else had left.  (Then I dipped the extra cookie dough truffles on Monday - Whew!)

I was glad to see the bulk of the candy packed up and taken away by others.  There's three boxes of chocolates earmarked for other people (having already delivered a fourth box to my parents).  That means there's not too many unclaimed ones for me to inhale.  



  1. What a wonderful idea - this might make a nice "non-craft" activity for a future meeting of my Munch and Make craft group! (I think I inhaled a few of these right through the computer screen!)

  2. yes, I got a contact candy high. They are so pretty, and the group is lucky to have each other too.


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