Thursday, April 4, 2019

I Like Thursday: Chillin'

Back to a short-list of likes this week.  A relaxing weekend of lots of sewing and walking doesn't generate a whole lot of stuff to show-and-tell.

I caught this squirrel just hanging out on the back deck, sunning himself.  He was so totally relaxed.  Usually they're all wound up and raiding my feeders.  Not this guy.

I like that I've got six more blocks done for my NYB quilt this week.  I'm at the halfway point.  It's time to clear a spot on the floor and see what it's going to look like.

I like that there's buds on a bunch of the trees.  That means there could be green by the end of next week.  Lovely!

I like the April picture on my calendar.  Mad Hatter guinea pig!

And that's about it.  If you haven't gotten your fill of things to like, head over to Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


  1. Your NY Beauty is looking fabulous! We are spending most of our time outside too! enjoy! Have a great day!

  2. Your NYB is coming along nicely. I envy that cute squirrel. LOL

  3. mad hatter lol! I love guinea pigs too now, because of yours the little ambassadors.

  4. I love looking at the squirrels but I'm really happy we don't have any around my house.
    Your NYB is coming along nicely and I'm still doing all I can not to start one. LOL

  5. That squirrel looks so comfortable, much better to be sitting there than raiding the feeders. I can not wait for green on the trees again! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

  6. Good Morning! That squirrel looks like he has found a warm wood sunny spot and he is surveying "his" yard. Those little guys can be very territorial. We are lucky they let us give them bird seed and cracked corn and peanuts. Thanks for sharing in I Like Thursday ... :) Pat

  7. I love your photo of the squirrel! We see them just relaxing and all stretched out sometimes, too - they're so funny! Your NYB blocks are gorgeous, and it sounds like you're really making good progress on them. Happy (almost) weekend!

  8. Squirrels very busy here too. They drive Murphy and Rex mad. Beautiful blocks! Who knew guinea pigs were so photogenic!


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