Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Birthday Mabel!

According to her documentation, Miss Mabel is six years old today.  She likes long afternoon naps, still expects treats to be delivered directly to her.  Wedgwood's attempts to teach her to beg has been largely ignored.  When she's really motivated, she'll come down to the floor and mooch at whoever is in the kitchen.

Mabel acts like a little old lady some of the time.  In between she acts like a queen or a much younger guinea pig.  This is a pig that knows she's landed the good life.

Happy birthday, Mabel.

So - is it time for cake? 


  1. Have a great day Mabel, with lots of goodies to eat!

  2. What a life! I want to be a guinea pig at YOUR house!

  3. hmmmm, maybe she was a queen in some life! and yes, lets eat cake, or green peppers for everyone!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mabel! You are a very entertaining little old lady!

  5. That FOOT!!!
    Happy Birthday, Mabel! You and Piper have the same address: Easy Street, by way of a Rough Road:)

  6. Awwwwe happy birthday Mabel!!! Sweet, sweet piggie!!


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