Thursday, April 25, 2019

I Like Thursday: Goodies of All Sorts

I like that my mushrooms finally fruited!  It's a small batch of oyster mushrooms; I'm so happy it finally worked.  They were pretty; much different than the usual mushrooms I get at the store.

Speaking of store - I'm so glad the Stop & Shop strike is over.  Finding groceries elsewhere was no fun.

Bought these grapes last week - isn't the purple and turquoise a nice combination?

I like Jonathan Creek.  PBS is showing season four and I'm hoping they'll move onto season five.  I've been trying to get those episodes for years.  I'm so excited!

Isn't this a goofy card?  I really didn't need it, but I couldn't pass up those guinea pigs.

I usually buy some pretty pottery, jewelry or clothing at NEFFA.  Was not the case this year.  However, I was happy to find these cards.  I had purchased a few from this photographer several years ago at a craft fair and couldn't find them again. So I bought lots this time!  Found his web site, too.  Doesn't he take fantastic photos?

I went home at Easter.  My mother urged my sister and me to take back the Ukrainian eggs we made years (and years) ago.  I made one or two a year for several years before we moved to Massachusetts.  We tried to keep the tradition, but the white eggs here had thinner shells and were prone to cracking within a year of finishing them.  We began to blow out the dyed eggs, but it ruined the details on the ends.  What a killer after putting so many hours into coloring them.  If I gently shake the older ones, I can feel the hardened yolk rattling around.  No smell as long as they don't crack before they dry out.  I can see how my work improved over the years - I believe that the two red ones were the last ones I made.  They're so much work, but I'd love to do these again.  Unfortunately I've long since ditched the dyes. 

I'm sure there's more fun holiday likes over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.  Whatever you celebrated, I hope you had a festive time. 


  1. the turquoise colander and grapes is a very pretty shot. And the card made me laugh

  2. Enjoyed all your likes this week! Those mushrooms look cool! Will you be eating them? I love the Ukrainian Easter eggs - they are beautiful! I didn't know you made those out of whole eggs. So interesting!

  3. That turquoise bowl is so pretty and the grapes really pop against it. Those eggs are gorgeous! Never heard of using whole eggs and keeping them like that. Interesting. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Love the turquoise bowl, and grapes. Your eggs are just wow! Your mushrooms look fun.

  5. Such a great post with interesting things to like. Those eggs are amazing. Like that guinea pig poster.

  6. The cards and eggs are absolutely beautiful!

  7. Your mushrooms look wonderful! I love your cards and eggs!! Have a great week!

  8. Your eggs are eggsquisite! Eggs from pasture raised hens have strong shells, something to consider if you decide to paint again. This is the first time I've heard painting eggs with the yolk in.


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