Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Bit of a Misadventure

We didn't do much over the summer, so we were kind of excited to get tickets to the Naumkeag pumpkin show.  We've never been - so this would be a change and something fun to do outdoors.  We were to wear masks and keep to our scheduled time. 

It was a beautiful drive out to Stockbridge.  However, rain was predicted and we arrived just as a thunderstorm hit.  I was so glad to have pulled into the parking lot, because the wind and the rain pummeled and shook the car.  In less than 10 minutes, it blew down branches and took out the electricity.

Seriously impressive.

A few minutes later it quieted down and the rain nearly stopped.  Soon after we found the entrance to the walk we bumped into a couple headed out.  They told us the event was canceled; we could get our tickets refunded.

The drive out was over an hour and we were curious - so we thanked them for the information and decided to putter around until a staff member chased us away.  Added bonus, we had the place to ourselves.  We enjoyed a bit if it before we were escorted off the lawn. 


The first section had mums tossed all over the lawn.  Most of the pumpkins were still upright, but many were tilted or had face-planted into the ground.  


They had this really cool wall of gourds.  There were a ton of them that went from green to orange to yellow to white, then back to green again.


We chuckled at the Totoro pumpkins (there was even a cat bus pumpkin).  Lots of interesting designs.

The path cut through a wooded area - that's where we saw the most damage.  We came across several downed branches that took out part of the railing along the path and pulled down extension cords.  We had decided to head back when the staff member finally caught up with us. 

From what we saw, it was quite the display.  That was with heavily overcast skies and none of the pumpkins were lit.  It must be something to see when the power is working.  Next year we'll come a little later in the evening to get the full effect (hopefully with better weather!). 

We had a nice drive home, but arrived to discover most of our street was without power.  I actually drove by a sparking downed wire to get to the driveway.  Eek!  Luckily we had power restored by lunchtime the next day.  Not at all the outing and the entertainment we had planned.  But all's well that ends well.


  1. It looks like it would have been so fun if that storm hadn't hit. My kids used to love Totoro when they were little. I'm glad you still got to see it a little before you got chased out!!

  2. Well, it looks as if a seriously impressive storm from the heavens didn't dampen your fun. So many pumpkins....how delightful.

  3. You sound intrepid! And they had evidently done a ton of work to put the display together, glad you saw at least the remains of it.

  4. Brave souls, y'all had quite a time of it. The displays must have been beautiful before the storm. Definitely a nice autumn excursion when the weather is pleasant.

  5. Luckily you were able to have a peek at what must be a wonderful display and fun outing. better luck next year.

  6. That does look like it would have been quite an amazing display! Glad you got a little bit of a peek at it!

  7. My goodness. You sound quite calm about it; I would not want to be in a car during a serious storm! And downed wires are nasty business, as many people in California have discovered. I am glad you were able to see some of the display, such as it was, before being "escorted"! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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