Friday, October 23, 2020

Creekbed Progress

I finished the quilting on the creekbed quilt.  Lots of freemotion practice as well as some ruler work.  When I was thinking of quilting patterns, I was going to do an all-over pattern for each block.  The quilt fought me on that.  It also disagreed on an all-over pattern across the entire quilt.  In the end, it wanted each strip quilted - which was way more quilting than I had intended.  It seems better to let the quilt get its way.

I did a mix of patterns interspersed with simple wavy lines.  I got to try out a few new designs and practice several of my favorites.  My stitching is fairly even - probably because of the small areas I worked in.  If only my quilting was so even when working larger areas!  Well, I'll get to practice that with my next quilt.

I decided on straight lines for the setting triangles, to continue the basket-weaving effect of the rest of the quilt.  The quilt was small enough that I could have used a walking foot and a guide.  Regardless, I wanted to practice quilting with my ruler.  I also tried some stitch-in-the-ditch with a freemotion foot; that was an interesting experience, too.

I really like the effect - the blue and beige ribbon around the edge pops out.  Nice!

I did whip out the walking foot for the border.  I echoed the waviness of the border's inside edge to keep it simple.  I wasn't sure if I was going to square the quilt to bind it or if I'd make the binding wavy, too.  Now that the quilting is done, I think I'm going to bind it straight (and here I thought I might avoid mitered corners!).  I think it's a fun mix of straight and wavy.

The center is nearly square, whereas the wavy border is not.  I'm using points on the blocks to trim down the quilt.  Measurements look pretty good.  I need to trim it down another quarter-inch or so, then attempt to block it before I bind (the binding and the edges of the setting triangles decided to ruffle a bit).  I hope to be binding it this weekend.  Yay!

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  1. Nicely done. Fons & Porter's season 32, episode 12 shows a faux border plus binding all in one trick along with a quick simple mitered corner technique. Since the episode came out on May 12, 2018, it may be able to be seen free somewhere. If you do find the show the tips are about 15-20 minutes into the episode. The faux binding looked like fun, I can just imagine what you'll come up with.

  2. Your quilting looks perfect for Creekbed, Sally! It's like the swirls, and eddies, and pebbles, and flow of water in the creek. It's good you listened to the quilt!

  3. Awesome quilting, Sally! Good choice, to let the quilt have it's way!?! That made me chuckle! Too true!

  4. Beautiful quilt, and a great name. The pattern does remind me of a creek.

  5. I love the variation you added within the blocks. SEW lovely!!

  6. Quilts can sometimes fight you, can't they. I love the variety of quilting designs for each block and the straight quilting within the triangles looks fabulous. Love too, the blue and beige ribbon around the edge. It's perfectly perfect!

  7. I really is gorgeous! And I love those carved pumpkins! Enjoy your Sunday!


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