Monday, March 8, 2021

So Many Colors

I tried out yet another fabric store (New England Fabrics) on Saturday.  The good news is, I found more of the colors I was looking for.  I also found some bargain fabric for backing.  And I went a little crazy getting more than I probably need for my projects as well as splurging a bit for myself.  The bad news is - it still isn't Ryco.  Next time I am buying for a project, I will make the pilgrimage down to RI.  I will be so much happier.

Want to guess how many yards I netted in my two weekend trips?  

30 yards.  Eep.

I don't think I've ever bought his much fabric in such a short time (not even for my sister's quilt).  Somehow I managed to score this lot at about $8.60 a yard.  That makes me feel a bit better.  Need to get to work using it up!

Most of it is washed - I spent hours on Sunday ironing that load.  Oof.  I still have another 10 yards to wash and iron.  Next weekend (or maybe the weekend after...).

The other thing I did on Sunday:  arranging Sunny Lanes on the floor.  I started with the diamond pattern I've seen all over the place.  I'm glad I went with the black.

Then I found this prism layout.  I liked this best on the floor, but now that I'm looking at the photos, I'm leaning back towards the original. 

Luckily, I don't have to make a decision soon.  I had intended to give this quilt a border.  However, in typical Sally style, I'm changing the project as I go along.  I'm extending the edges by one more 3" square.  This will look great with the prism layout as well as the diamond layout.  But that means making 40 more HST and 36 more checkerboard squares.  I have to cut into a different piece of black fabric... we'll see how well it matches.  I also have to cut more dark 2" squares.  I actually ran out!  I didn't think I'd ever see the bottom of the 2" scrap bag!  I've even made a dent in my 4" square scraps.

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  1. I wonder what fabric store you discovered. I like both the Textile Store in Greenfield and New England Fabrics in Keene.

    1. Those two! I went to the Textile Company last week and New England Fabrics this week.

  2. I was going to guess 29 or 30! Good haul. And at a sale you said.... pretty

  3. My first thought was "wow that's a lot of fabric!" But that's a very good price on the fabric, as some quilting cotton now runs around $14 a yard, depending on where you buy it. I like the one that's not the prism setup too. Maybe do the prism setup another time, with slightly less busy diamonds inside. The Sunny Lanes setup makes the diamonds stand out more. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on. Have fun as always.

  4. Sunny Lanes is looking good! How fun that you've found different layout ideas. Lots of of fun new fabric, too - pretty colors!

  5. Love all your new fabric acquisitions. Sunny Lanes is looking fabulous. I cannot choose which layout I prefer. LOVE the black; great choice!

  6. Sally - fabric means new projects; what could be better than that? And at a great price!

  7. If you're going to brick-and-mortar shops in New England, by all means go to Quilted Threads in Henniker, New Hampshire! And venture north to Maine for Marden's bargains.

  8. P.S. I like the prism setting.
    P.S. 2 Golden Gese (spelled g-e-s-e) in Concord is a nice shop, too.

  9. Both settings are great. I love the rich deep colors against the black. Have fun.

  10. Looks like a great pattern to use up scraps and the black really makes it stand out.

  11. Lovely fabric haul you have there. Enjoy!
    Whichever layout you choose will be great. I can see why you're going back and forth. I don't think there's a wrong choice there.


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