Thursday, August 4, 2022

I Like Thursday: Birthday Bounty and Battling Bad Luck

Thursday already?  The week started out so well.  So let's focus on that for this week's I Like Thursday, shall we?  

Although unable to attend Family Weekend, I at least spent some quality time with my sister.  Sunday morning was cool and sunny - a beautiful time to go kayaking.  I have not seen the water so low in the pond.  We desperately need some rain. 

The volunteers keep sprouting in my yard.  Tomatoes are everywhere.  I found one that decided to grow at the base of our front steps.  I also found a marigold that managed to flower in a pile of dead weeds.  Turns out the marigolds have done pretty well with this drought.  The ones I planted elsewhere are doing better than the zinnias (a bunch of those died).  A few of my nasturtium are hanging on.  My lemon tree still in the yard is doing quite well, too.

My sister texted me this for my birthday.  Par-tay!

And look what came in one of my cards:

So many guinea pig stickers!  I think the one with the bell peppers is my favorite.  Sherlock Holmes?  How about that bad one eating pizza?  Cheerful things are extremely welcome right now.

My sewing mojo is returning... with a vengeance.  Last weekend I tried to do all the things... all at once (which reminds me - have you watched Everything Everywhere All At Once?  Crazy movie.  A lot of fun.).  

Anyway, I'm hoping to wrap up my "clean up" projects this week.  Maybe knock off the sweatshirts?  That would give me time to sew up the dress for my August OMG.

I just finished reading The Outermost House.  I knew about the house (it got swept away in the storm of '78) and the book, but never read it.  A friend loaned it to me.  Loved it.  Reminded me of all the things I love about Cape Cod.  Written nearly a hundred years ago and still very relatable.

Check out this fun video: Stop Motion Woodworking

Rob's covid rebounded this week.  No one is happy about that.  But it seems to be clearing up again.  Fingers crossed that he can shake it for good in the next few days.  And that I don't get it.  We really need things to go smoothly next week.  


  1. Oh, my dear person, I so hear you today. Each of us has a person sick, each of us missing our family events. And most important, trying to find the happy things.
    As you have given me pictures of that beautiful lake and your kayak, and your inspiring sewing and of course those sticker pics, I can now give you the good things here.
    Let's start with the basics. I have a house that mostly doesn't leak and a washer and dryer that work really well. There is a feeding table outside my nine-foot picture window and we get squirrels, and groundhogs who eat the carrots we leave them. We get flocks of mourning doves, and cardinals and nuthatches and chickadees and sometimes even the crows come down for a snack. I can see them from where I work at the kitchen table, computer in front of me but my eyes on the outside. I have good friends on speed dial, who talk me down when I all tangled up in my brain. I have lovely quilting lady blogs to cheer me. I have a cross stitch I'm doing with a winter scene in the Eastern European woods where Baba Yaga is in her hut with chicken legs, which makes me smile every time I see it. I have purple, lime green, orange and black single strand sequins awaiting whatever Halloween confection I design. I have a husband who tells me with his eyes that he loves me.
    Stay strong, you have many friends out here who care about you and are pulling for you.

    1. Cheryl - thank you for your kind comments. They made me smile. :-)

  2. I just heard about the President who also took the antiviral drugs and also rebounded. Apparently the antiviral drugs don't reach all the virus in all tissues.... so people think they are well but the infection isn't gone.
    this means a lot of people will return to work to infect others, not to mention the emotional drain of thinking you're well but aren't.
    I love those stickers!!! and GP's because of you! wheek wheek

  3. Well, I seems to me you are doing your best to “make lemonade” from the lemons life has handed you. We had a sorta tough week too! Golly Darn!

    Good luck in sewing up the crumbs! I really believe it’s the only answer to the scrap-avalanche!
    Nature is amazing! Where you least expect it, she will bloom where planted!

    Hope your weeks get continually better!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about Rob, and hope he's back to normal soon. I love volunteer plants we have them all over, too! Marigolds do seem to grow everywhere. Cute guinea pig stickers and photo! Happy Birthday!

  5. Wow! So glad your quilting mojo has returned but you might want to focus on only three-at-a-time! hahaha! Sure, I tell myself that too! Haha

  6. I'm so glad to hear you're sewing again but wish your husband didn't get covid again. I heard the rebound is usually not as bad so let's hope it's over soon! I'm happy to see you got to have some fun with your sister. I hope you had a somewhat happy birthday! Maybe you can celebrate when everyone's healthy again.

  7. Hi Sally! I hope Rob is feeling a bit better by today, and I certainly hope you do not get the virus. Poor thing! That par-tay pig is so darn cute! What a fun package to get in the mail. The kayaking with your sister looks like just what you needed. Here's to a great week ahead. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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