Thursday, August 18, 2022

I Like Thursday: Tantalizingly Close

Only one photo this week, but it goes with one massive like:  we have a kitchen sink and dishwasher.  Once the tiling is done the stove will be back up and running.  Look!  Doors with handles!  Finished trim!

There's still two cabinets that need to be replaced and the rest of the trim to go up.  The floor needs to be refinished.  After a month of nearly no work the end is in sight.

Happy dance!

I'm working on some sweatshirt applique as I brainstorm on my next quilt.  

Our prompt this week for summer likes is for sandals.  Barefoot is better!  But my Teva-style sandals are the next best thing.  I have an old beat-up pair I use for kayaking, and another for everything else.  They're comfy and easy to put on and kick off.

I'll end my likes with a couple of odds and ends.  Have you seen this Japanese mending technique?  It's amazing.  

Also - have you seen the latest Easter egg on Google?  Google "cat", press on the paw, then click various spots on the screen.  Ha!

That's it for my likes.  There's more over on LeeAnna's I Like Thursday.  Enjoy!


  1. Your kitchen is moving along! Now I'm off to see what exactly is a Japanese mending machine!!

  2. Your kitchen looks great. It will feel good to have it finished!

  3. It's looking wonderful, Sally! Hopefully not long now for a finished kitchen. I'm always barefoot in the house, too!

  4. yea to an almost finished kitchen!

  5. Your kitchen looks great! Finally!! I'm always barefoot in the house in the summer. No shoes needed!!

  6. Sally - so pleased for you that the end is in sight with the kitchen. It looks terrific!

  7. I can see why you're doing a happy dance...the kitchen is really coming along and it looks great. I don't like to be barefoot. When I was younger I did; but when knees and back aches got to be a thing, I realized how much better I felt when wearing shoes to help absorb the shock when you walk; then I broke my foot a few years back find it isn't comfortable when barefoot.
    Sandy's Space

  8. What a beautiful kitchen! You're going to love cabinets with handles. I see you have quite a few drawers too. So handy! Do the Teva sandals have good arch support? I've not heard of Teva before.


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