Thursday, August 11, 2022

I Like Thursday: Looking Up

This summer have been a crap shoot.  Joining LeeAnna's group of bloggers for I Like Thursday has made me stop and focus on the good things.  

I'm not sure if things are generally looking up, or if I'm looking up to see bottom.  The summer "fun" continues!

Despite the hot weather and lack of rain the Peppermint Stick zinnia seeds my sister gave me have started to bloom.  They really are pretty and I hope to see more of them in the yard.

We then got a half inch of pouring rain on Monday night.  I think my entire garden sighed in relief.

We have twin fawns that have been stopping by with their mother.  Another adult has now joined their threesome. 

As I was snapping photos, one adult came whipping and the twins took off after her.  The other just stood there wondering what the fuss was all about.

Sewing a lot.  Yay!  I cut my dress and even had enough fabric left over for a long tank top.  I figured I'd have my OMG done this weekend.  I forgot something very important... the sewing machine with the stretch stitch doesn't like humid weather.  I thought maybe June's cleaning would change that, but as soon as I sat down to test the needle, the timing belt jumped the gears.  I spent a half hour or so getting it back to where it should be, then brought the machine to the basement to dry out.  (Yes, our basement is dryer than upstairs in this weather.)  

I'm thrilled to have the pieces cut and ready to go but I had been looking forward to having it really done.  Maybe it will dry out next week?

Instead, I attached the hanging sleeve to Hexie Crumble, so it's all ready for the fair.  I also worked on a couple of sweatshirts that I hope to show off soon. 

Then I spent some time auditioning fabrics for the next baby quilt.  I'm using a pattern called Squareburst.  I'm mostly trying to decide if I want white or off-white and if the middle squares should be dark colors.  I want to get something cute for the backing, which I couldn't do because...

I got covid.  <sigh>  The bad news is, that put the kibosh on going to the New England Quiltfest with my mother on Friday.  I've been looking forward to that for nearly two years.  But the good news:  it appears to be a mild case and have felt pretty much back to normal since Tuesday.  Mostly just an occasional cough.  

The doctor said to isolate in a room, air out the house and not to postpone the counter top installation (again).

LOOK!  Counter tops!  Rob says the counters even make the red walls look alright.  I was sad not to be able to watch the process, but was so happy to have it done.  They were in and out in less than two hours. 

A counter top was supposed to mean we'd have a working stove and dishwasher today, but as usual, nothing goes quite right:  the plumber is in the hospital with covid.  We've heard no updates.  I pray he's okay.

We'll be picking up tile this weekend; floor is supposed to be refinished next week along with door and trim work.  What will go right and what won't?  It's anyone's guess.

Lastly - this week's I Like prompt is favorite summertime food.  This time of year it's all about peaches, tomatoes and corn.  The chipmunks here agree tomatoes are delicious.  I've been picking some tomatoes early, just so I have a chance to enjoy them.  I've sprayed the remaining ones with hot pepper hoping to discourage those cheeky rodents (with mixed results).  

Whew!  What will next week bring?


  1. I enjoyed spotting your Hexie Crumble over at My Quilt Infatuation. I thought hey I know that quilt. Your kitchen is looking spiffy with the black setting off the red or the other way round. How neat to be working on a dress, something so useful. So sorry you got Covid but thankful a mild case. It sounds like the plumber is not so lucky. Hopefully things will get sorted, better, brighter!

  2. Good for you to have so many likes in a week of so many challenges! I love home grown tomatoes too

  3. Prayers for good health

    The counter tops look beautiful, classy.

  4. Hope you get well quickly. I know a lot of people getting COVID lately. Oh your countertops are gorgeous. Home improvement is enough to make anyone grumpy.

  5. Lots of good stuff in your post today! I'm so glad you had a mild case of Covid - that's definitely something to celebrate. The countertop looks wonderful! I really like the Squareburst design - those blocks are neat! And enjoy those tomatoes, too.

  6. Sally - love the color and the name of Peppermint Stick Zinnia. Sorry you could not go to Quiltfest, but I suppose the mild case of COVID is something. So glad you have countertops!!! And the tomatoes look yummy even though they are still ripening. I am worried the chipmunks are going to take the few apples that I have on my tree!

  7. Any rain this year is great! It's been so long since we've had a good soaker. I'm glad to hear your Covid was mild. Your kitchen looks like it's made good progress. I hope it gets completed soon. I was going to go to that quilt show too but decided against it. It's sort of far for me and I'm still trying to keep away from crowds.


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