Wednesday, August 3, 2022

August OMG - I Can Only Pick One?

July was a month of no motivation.  My goal was simply to survive the month.  But in the last week or so, my quilting mojo started to reawaken.  Last weekend it hit in a storm - you can see the aftermath.  There's eight different projects going on there.

1. dress  2. crumbs  3. selvedge blocks  4. strings  5. color wheel sweatshirt
6. next baby quilt  7. baby quilt after that  8. leafy sweatshirt

I spent hours researching patterns and fiddling with templates.  I have stacks of fabric to audition for two baby quilts.  I finished piecing my existing crumbs and have moved on to tackling my bag of selvedges.  I should have another 15 blocks when I get through that pile.  Then there's the gallon bag of strings.  I want to do more wavy blocks.  And what should I do with the string kites on my wall?  Then there's the wad of dress fabric, bits and pieces of templates for two sweatshirts and a few half-kite blocks on my design wall I want to finish up.

Technically projects 9 and 10 in this shot

I guess the dam kinda broke.  It's so nice to feel like "do all the things!" even though it's led me down several rabbit holes of research and admiring other quilts on Pinterest and Instagram. 

Most of the other things strewn across the table have taken on lives of their own, and I'll work on them even if I should be focused on something else.  The selvedge blocks should be wrapped up by the end of the week.  So for my one goal, I'll pick making the dress.  Getting the dress done would eliminate the largest chunk of fabric as well as the sewing machine it's perched on.

The dress pattern is the same as the purple one I embellished last year.  Hmmm... maybe I should think about adding fun extras to this dress, too?  But first, I need to cut and assemble - that's the goal.

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  1. I love your photo with all the numbered projects strewn around! That's just how my sewing area has been looking recently. It definitely does help to just pick one that you're going to focus on. Have fun with that dress project!

  2. Beautiful dress.
    Numbering projects is a good idea!

    Browsing fabrics online yesterday, keen to make a dress, to my shock I found several patterns I like.


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