Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cross Stitch

Quilting isn't the only stitching I do. I've done a number of needlepoint projects as a kid and did counted cross stitch in college. The dragon sampler was my first big counted cross stitch - it took two years to complete.

These three pieces are all designs by Teresa Wentzler.  I love how intricate her patterns are.  Everything is woven together and very detailed.  Of course that means they're terribly time-consuming to stitch!

The two carousel horses were part of a set of four - one for each season.  I picked my favorite two, because I figured I'd lose my mind doing all four of them.  These two pieces each took two years to complete.  It makes the weeks I spend on a quilt seem like no time at all! Spring was completed in 1995.

I finished Winter in 1998.

I really liked Fall. I may have to get that one eventually....

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