Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shaded Swirls

I spent Monday evening frankensteining some batting, then layered up a sandwich with the background white of my problem quilt.  I spent Tuesday evening trying out my various thread colors.  My lighting this morning was terrible, but you can get an idea of my test piece.  The lower right corner is all done in taupe.  The middle section is done in buff, the upper in ecru.  All of the double wavy lines are done in the taupe, just like on my real quilt.

This confirms the taupe is too dark.  But I liked the buff better than the ecru, which surprised me a bit.  I found the buff a little easier to work with, too, especially with the pebbles.  I could see what I stitched a little better, and that helped me steer more accurately.

Both the buff and the ecru keep the taupe lines from leaping off the quilt.  Part of me still wants to rip it all out.  But since the existing work should blend in okay, I'll probably leave it in place.  At least that seems to be the case with my small scale test.

I spent the rest of the evening with scrap paper practicing swirls.  I am pleased that my practice ones are smooth, but they still look lumpy compared to the beautiful swirls I see online.  Nothing like craving perfection as I'm still learning how to stitch, right?  But even an hour of doodling helped me see a few little tweaks I could do to make mine look better. 

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  1. hon, I cannot imagine deciding between taupe, ecru and buff. To me they are interchangeable and all neutral. When you stand back is one better than another? A viewer will not be close, nor in good lighting. Stand back and decide if one gives you the look you crave.

    Free motion quilting is a mix of practice, correct speed and tension such as driving a stick shift, knowing where you're headed, quilting with the machine dropped into a flat bed hopefully, and magic. The right needle for the size thread matters, cleaning all lint out of the chase, all of it important. All a dance of sorts each factor dependent on the other.

    I am new to your blog, so apologize if you know all that already.
    The design is nice, with the beadboard look. The thing I tell my students about spirals is not to speed up going on the round part, it causes eyelashes on the back.

  2. Practice is everything, just keep at it. You mentioned your swirls look lumpy-have you ever tried Glide Thread. I use it all the time as it is a bit thinner and therefore the little glitches don't show as much. But I think you are on your way, just keep at it!


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