Friday, September 14, 2012

Adventures at the Cape

Bertie and Pinniped came down to the Cape for Chick Weekend.  It works.  They're chicks... or sows... whatever.

You go first.  No way - you go first.
The drive down was uneventful, but they were unhappy on arrival.  I made scary noises unloading the car and setting up their vacation cage.  Even once in their cage, the newness was so overwhelming, they jammed themselves in the tunnel and made those cute little "I'm scared" noises.  I had to laugh.  They were not amused.

Eventually, though, they decided being on vacation wasn't so bad.  The porch was bright and airy.  My girlfriends checked in on them from time to time.  Pinniped made sure to remind everyone when their morning pepper was overdue.  They even got to meet a two-year-old boy who babbled at them and fed them corn husks through the grids.

I set them up in a 2x4 travel cage, which is basically their outdoor cage shortened by 1 grid, with a base of a shower curtain, towels and fleece.  It has a slightly larger footprint than their cage at home.  Bertie has been disinclined to go upstairs in the last couple of months and Pinni isn't far from Bertie, so the upper levels have been going largely unused.  The travel cage gave them a bit more space than at home.  I am not keen to pull apart and rebuild the cage at home, but having watched them at the Cape may make me reconsider. 

Bertie and Pinni briefly tried out the Cape Cod grass as I shook out the fleece and packed the rest of their belongings in the car.  The grass must have passed inspection - they managed to eat a small hole in the lawn in less than 15 minutes.  Neither pig was enthused about getting in their carry case.  I can't blame them.  I would have been happy enough to spend the afternoon out there with them.


  1. Awww, such a fun and cutified weekend you must have had with them along! My one boar Wilbur always makes the "I'm scared" purr whenever he hears a noise he doesn't like. Even when the noise stops, he'll keep making the noise, just to chew us slaves out that the noise ever existed in the first place. :-)

  2. Even peegs need vacations once in a while - they're so overworked! All the time!


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